Properties of Stun

How does stun work?

Besides the obvious that the bar goes up to the max and the opponent is vulnerable for a certain amount of frames. I don’t think there is a guide on stun and I’ve searched the threadsand nothing really answers my question.

I was playing around with Alex SAIII (Stungun Headbutt) so I go my friend stun without using the super and I attempted to “restun” him. But the bar only went up to 1 hit away from being full. He was using Hugo so I thought that Alex cannot “restun” a character who has a 72 point stun gauge.

I went home and did some experimenting. I tried to restun the 56 point chars and it worked. Then I tried a 64 point character and something interesting appeared. I did a basic jump in HP lp slash to get the character stunned, then I did the Stungun. It did not stun. I tried jump in HP to stun and did the Stungun. This time it did stun.

I looked up Alex’s data on Karathrow and it said that for each of the first 3 hits of the headbutt, 21 points of stun is inflicted, then the final headbutt causes 31 points of stun. So the total is 94 points of stun.

Why does the “Restun” not work in some cases and work in others?

This might not be the perfect answer you’re looking for, but after stunning someone, the rest counts as a combo. Even though the damage is reset so the followup does full damage, the amount of stun it does and the amount of meter you gain for each move are both scaled.

Maybe when you left out the jab flash at the end of the first combo, the stun on the followup stungun wasn’t as scaled and therefore did enough to restun.

Also, I recall seeing some stun info in the system mechanics thread. Hope I helped.

Thanks, that made sense.