Proposal- An elite forum section

Let’s brainstorm about problem #2 of SRK.

Don’t post any kneejerk reactions. Give it some thought first.

It seems that the forums have become a place where top players don’t like to post in.
Is it because of an influx of new players who say stupid shit and chased them away?
You could cry about them being “assholes” all day but it doesn’t change the bad situation we are in.
The proposal is basically to have a section for the forums that only select few members can post on it- top players.
The forum will be visible to everyone but posting will be restricted.

Does it sound like elitism? You bet, but IMO it’s worth it.
I’m willing to be told “you are a bad player so you can’t post”, if it lets me read a conversation between for example Latif and Wolfkrone about C.Viper strats.
I’m willing to swallow my pride in be put on a lower “status” in order to get access to quality info like that.

What do you guys think, and do you have another alternative?

SRK has always been somewhat hostile to better players… I don’t think this is the answer.

The last thing we need is segregation, especially when it’s based on subjective measures anyway.

Letting stronger players (with interest) moderate would be a better solution. There’s already a Newbie forum, which serves its purpose… and I know that doesn’t really get into what you’re talking about, but still… I think that’s taking it way too far.

I support this initiative.

it is becoming impossible to wade through hundreds of useless, worthless posts asking how to ROM, what’s an option select, etc etc, outside of the Newbie forums.

I’m all for organization, and if we need to look like elitist jackasses to do it, I support it.

Yeah I believe this would be the better solution also.Especially for character forums that are supposed to be a place to turn to for information and learning are choked out due to trolling and misinformation.

My general conseseus is that, top players generally don’t need to post/share their thoughts via forums. They discuss things in real life or through some other media with their fellow peers.

This “quality” information from players can be found around places anyways. There’s tons of gameplay footage of top players to learn and analyze, and some players even took time to offer their information. From the top of my head, I recall PR Balrog creating a Balrog tutorial.

There are plenty of talented players that post. A viewpoint might not be drastically different just because one player is an established gamer and another is not.

Raptor, the player modding CAN work, but they need to be allowed to straight up ban someone for a week and be absolute nazis.

Being super nice and letting everyone ask the exact same question that was just answered, has only resulted in sore typing fingers. At least for me.

it’s called premium.

only instead of being good at fighting games it’s more or less just talking about how shitty premium is.

Top players already post in the character forums. I frequently see Viscant in the dee jay forums for AE.

I’m sure the reason they don’t post often is because they’re busy… Doing other stuff.

That’s what I’m saying, the forums that should be a place to turn to are a complete and total mess due to people no longer posting and no one being able to centralize information, everything being so scattered, and bad/wrong information being so prevalent.

That’s great that Vicant does it but there are enough top players who don’t want to post on the forums for the reasons I gave.
I won’t give any names but we all talk to ppl IRL or on chatrooms etc.
Some of them may have no problem sharing knowledge as long as you keep the idiots away from them.

welcome to SRK

Considering I’ve seen this site hate on the smashboards backroom this would be pretty hilarious to me.

Putting all of the good info behind some sort of mysterious wall does a disservice to the community as a whole. What happens when that top player conversation has misinformation in it? Do people send them a PM letting them know that? Come on.

Stronger moderation solves this quite easily, as does players stepping their shit up and trying to weed out people spewing bullshit.

Man look at Dustloop, say what you will about the population of the site mainly being casual anime style fans but information is alot more easily found and acquired than here. Same with Zaibatsu and Homing Cancel.

Nazi mods as a solution then? I can back that up.

Right now, I’m up for anything as long as things can get a bit closer to what they were.

weren’t the backroom threads hidden from the general public? It’s not the same thing at all.

I’m all for Nazi mods that infract people that post the same question that has been answered in a centralized location or just spout off tons of shit without fact-checking it. Bring the fear back.

I’m not a big fan of having character information organized into one forum topic. The wiki should already take care of that (but of course it is rarely updated). The character forums should just discuss each character; and when something new or insightful is found, it goes straight to the wiki for easy access.

It’s still the same sort of mentality.

If I wasn’t allowed to talk to players like The Mullah and Viscant about Blanka on an equal footing a lot of current technology on the character wouldn’t even exist. I poked my head into their high level discussions, asked questions, learned some shit, shot back with some stuff, etc.

This isn’t about putting a wall between you and the players who are already posting on the forums and have no problem with that.
It’s about trying to get the rest to want to post.

Do the top players who don’t post just don’t post because they don’t have the habit or do they not post really because there are a few idiots in the forums? If it’s the first, then there’s nothing we can do. If it’s the latter, they should just post anyway, assuming they have something to say. It’s not like the “non-elite” bites or anything. They might bark a little, but I don’t see much of that in the actual forums.

Maybe it’s because I mostly lurk in very few, specific boards I have a more accepting mentality.

Anyway, I have to admit it’d be interesting to have certain boards where you had to prove your worth to start posting. A fun little game by itself.