Proposition bet: Mike Yipes vs Justin Wong

First to 10 just like last year’s match of Duc vs Sanford (this was first to 7, though).

I’m placing $5,000 on Mike Yipes, so i’m opening all challengers to match this amount so we can have this match to look forward to at evo. Also, I’d like it if all the organizers of last year’s grudge match could assist in the handling of the match as a whole again. Let’s get this started!

No coaches allowed.

Also, once I have a sure bet with someone willing to match $5,000 on Justin, then the betting is capped
since i’m only betting one whole amount of $5,000.

Another thing, odds are being placed on this bet. Anyone who takes Wong is taking a 1 : 1.25 handicap. In other words if you place $500 on wong, and Yipes ends up winning, then you owe $500 X (1.25) which is $625 that you have to pay out.

$100 on justin wong

dang man 5000 dollars what happens if u lose?

100 on justin

my dude hevad is serious. 100 on wong. lol.

he has that measly million to fall back on

I put $956,243 on Justin Wong, nothing more, nothing less.

250 on wong

Holy shit Hevad is doing it up BIG.

100 on justin

$100 on Justin Wong

Khan is too powerful GDLK…simply gdlk

I finally get to see this! Thank You HEVAD! By the way… the chatroom we’re in is GODLIKE!

100 on Justin also

$100 on justin

The bet has been covered! if there is any missing bet at evo you can arrange to be a substitute at that proper time. Good luck to both competitors!

this bet is pretty much hevad vs the rest of evo.


If anyone drops out, I would like to be next in line to put 1g on Justin.

Is there a backstory to this?