Proposition: Big Side tourney display Top 3 on big screen?

I think this was mentioned somewhere in the Evo X thread, but it’s so huge, and I think this topic deserves it’s own thread.

I’m asking Evo staff, on behalf of the fighting games that may not be a main Evo game, to have atleast the top 3 of “big” side tournaments, such as Melty Blood, Arcana Heart, various other games that may hit a big entry like the SNK games Dark Geese runs or the likes, displayed on the big screen (if they want to). I’m not asking for it to be displayed on Finals day (if Evo keeps the same day format it’s been for the past couple of years) but it would be nice. Maybe like a certain time of the day, to display a certain top 3, to expose the game to the overall Fighting Game community, and to show that certain games are growing.

I’ll take Melty Blood for example, since I’m more intertwined with the community. At Evo we were the largest side tournament at Evo (I think GG singles were a handful entries more) with if I recall correctly atleast 45 entries . To accomodate the side tournament we had to use a whole table full of T.V.s to hold the tournament (eventually we had to give some to GG singles to run their tournament) Also at Family Fun Arcade in Southern California we recently held a Melty Blood tournament with the size of 50 some odd entries (It was only Norcal and Socal, one from Arizona) And our next tournament we’re expecting other people from the different parts of the US to come down to play. I’ve also heard NEC got a great amount of entries too from all over the US and even Canada. If the numbers continue to grow, we may have more numbers than even the smallest Evo-sponsored games.

Arcana Heart is also a growing game in the US, that has been doing very well, especially on the East Coast, having a great amount on entries at tournaments. I don’t know too much about it so I won’t speak on it. I don’t want to give out wrong information.

Dark Geese also put tons of effort into his SNK games, and getting them exposed to people. A few of them only have a handful of entries, some have quite a few. Obviously showing every game Dark Geese would not be logical, but maybe his biggest tournament finals could be displayed.

Don’t you think the not-so-known-but-growing games deserve to have the spotlight for a bit too?

Evolution is 8 months away.

Let’s just keep the ball rolling before we start doing anything, because from now until Evo alot of shit could go down.

Arcana Heart could completely die out by FRXI or blow up, depending on if people want to play after AH2 is released.

The same goes for MBAC, and whether we’ll keep doing our own thing when MBAA is released too.

Regardless, it’s best we do our own thing and come back later. I’m sure MB at NEC surprised plenty of folks with the amount of hype we had going (40 people for your past LOCAL tournament is also fantastic), AH got great numbers for it’s first major, so let’s show Evolution what we’ve got now that things are seemingly on the up and up.


That all depends on how quick we get AH2 as well. Remember, the game took forever to get a console release and look at how shitty the port was(aesthetically speaking, of course).

I agree, lets get the marvel team tourney on the big screen.

Team 3 FTW

What a let down. I misread the title as “Prostitution: a side tourney”. Much better idea.

Solution: Move the Evolution Tournament to Carson City… or actually 4 miles east of Carson city off Highway 50 to fallon…

i personally think both arcana/mbac should be taken into consideration for being @ evo given the good hype/turnouts for the game lately… but none of them have hit the point where they are truly mainstream games in the usa yet (and it seems like ggxx is finally starting to reach that point now.) we’ll have to wait and see. regardless, i definetely like the fact that people are starting to stray away from mvc2/3s/cvs2 onto other games, not that the games arent good or anything, i just think its time for something fresh…so well have to wait and see, i know the cards are still kinda stacked against us atm, but lots of headway has been made in both scenes as of late and more people are picking up both games.

I have to agree with Mizuki. My opinion may be biased, since Melty Blood is my main game; however, during the Melty Blood side tournies at this previous Evo (especially the singles tourney on the final day), there were quite a few people that came up to me asking what the game was due to the big ass crowd we’d gathered. Getting some more notice for these up-and-coming games is just what we need to help bring more variety into the mainstream.

I think getting big screen action on finals day is pretty unrealistic though, Mizuki. But for the other days (excluding the major events), I don’t see why it couldn’t happen.


Its kind of a joke, but a counter-argument as well. Very likely most of the crowd will be more huped and interested in seeing either Marvel Team Tourney or even pools than seeing side-tournaments.

But I think this depends on the side tournament too. If one of A2, KoF XI, MB, MvC1 or AH2 gets like 80 people (who knows?) than a little air time on Saturday wouldn’t kill anybody, and it gives a lot of help for those up and coming communities too.

This is a great idea. Although there are some crappy fighters, there are also some great fighting games out there that are on the level of the ones at EVO and SBO. Games like Vampire Savior for example. If this idea expands, then there has to be some sort of limit. What if a game has 5 players for a tournament at EVO world, should they get to be on the big screen (I’m not saying this is for Melty Blood, just giving an example); also, will the quality of the game be considered (shouldn’t be too hard).

I don’t think the quality of the fighter should be considered much, since someone’s opinion of a game is subjective. Just popularity. Thus, the top 3 side tournaments.

Quality isn’t necessarily subjective as someone’s opinion is. Just because two people have different opinions on the game doesn’t mean that it cannot be judged as a good or bad fighter. Not all opinions have the same weight.

YES! give Melty Blood a little spotlight (doesn’t have to be a main event). at the very least, give us some more TVs. we didn’t have nearly enough to accomodate casuals after Guilty Gear jacked ours.

and for God’s sake, get rid of Smash Bros. don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun game but chopping qualifiers down to single matches to make time for it was utter bullshit

lets get dat UMK:3 going!!! Jade, Rain and Kabal vs. ANYBODY, LOL

Hopefully Brawl will move faster than a C-Vega, Sagat, Blanka mirror match in cvs2.

Any game that draws over 4O people should be considered for big screen viewing. You never know what that could do for that community. Since melty is the game i play(i may be a little bias) we had over 5O plus people signed up for our side event at evo, with some of the hype to match. (shit i know my black ass was yelling) there’s room for improvement peoplewise, but something like this would help us

I’d be interested in seeing MB and AC. This sounds like a good idea.

edit: i have to ask. why have you used the letter O instead of just a zero?

Because, he probably thinks he’s too good for a real 0

Chances of me turning up to EVO within the next five years are slim, but I’d like to throw my hat in on this idea as well. It’d have a good chance of helping a burgeoning community turn into a thriving community.