Proposition for HDRemix SRK players

Ok, we have a huge ass thread for BGs. Tons of rage quitters and lots of rants for the PS3 version of HDR’s shortcomings. Well, I have an idea.

You see, I have been recently compiling a list of “dropping faggots” via my sent box. Every time one of these bitches drops right when I win I send them a message titled “dropping faggot” with a note “for archival purposes” and leave it at that. When I match up, I check my sent box if a name seems familiar and check it for a note in the title “dropping faggot.” Course, these types of scrubs don’t deserve a win, and I’m even thinking they don’t even deserve to play the game. What I’m proposing is everyone here on PSN do the same. When you get a rage quitter, send them a note titled “dropping faggot” and mention archiving them.

I’ll compile a list here and keep it updated every few days on the first post so people can come here and cross check if someone has a dropping history. Many of us play here and make up a good portion of the regular players on PSN. If every one of us refuses to play these guys, they’ll spend a ton of time wasted on trying to get a game to start, which means they DON’T get to play their game online and eat a loss. A fair punishment if you ask me, these guys don’t deserve to even hit the jab button in a match let alone waste a bunch of our time. They’ll start to realize they’re getting a bad rep and word will get out and people won’t play them, and they’ll figure it out.

So, I’ll list what I have so far:


If anyone knows these guys are not typically dropping faggots, please let me know and I’ll remove their name. I know it rarely happens, but sometimes HDR servers will time out after a match tries to send them the info for who won and it causes a disconnect, so there will obviously be exceptions. However, names should go back on the list if majority users confirm regular dropping vs a minority who report the player is ok, a * will go next to those names that are still up in the air.

What do you guys think?

You are missing quite a few, but it has been a while since I’ve played HDR. The biggest RQ on PSN though, is Padilla78744. He is HANDS DOWN the biggest faggot on PSN.

Updated with names from the last few pages of BG thread. Seriously, this list is going to be huge. These guys don’t deserve a fuckin match. Fuck em, like ThePhantomBaron says, pull out like its prom night!

TheKnobb? Really? I have him on my friends list. Beat him some times, he beat me some times, but he never dropped on me.

As far as this thread and it’s goals, I think it’s worthwhile. I’ll give it a shot. I’ll do what I can to add to this thread.

I have to take him off, he replied today that he didn’t drop, wasn’t 100% sure since people can just BS. I just wish he clarified with me after the disconnect, usually I message an apology if it happens that the winner didn’t get their win when the server times out during a match report, again its very rare when it happens.

:xeye: I think you should just play the game and quit whining about droppers. It happens in all online games and it’s not going to stop simply because there’s a “list” of droppers on a website that most of them don’t even bother checking. Also, “faggot” isn’t allowed on this site:

:wonder: In before lock… dood!