Pros and Cons


Can someone describe for me all character’s pros and cons?
I’m gonna make a list with all the characters, so the new players can make a wisely choise, based on their style.

PS: If u dont want to spend your time on that, just write about your main pros and cons

PS2: If you desagree with some of the infos, please enlight me and the person that wrote it, cause I’m just transcribing things here.


Just look up a tier list dude.


Yay…do your own fucking homework.


i want a pros and cons simplified… i will give a exemple of pros and cons in MK:


Fastest standing normal in the game that leads to full combo
One of the best counter zoning moves in the game that leads to 30-40%
Strong Oki Pressure
Great Footsies
Good Space Control/decent zoning
High damage

Needs meter
Specials are unsafe.
His fast normals can be neutral ducked
Crappy wakeup game


Click the link above your damn post and click characters in the wiki. Then click on a character and it lists the pros and cons.


kof xiii characters are very well balanced with their advantages and weaknesses.
i wouldnt worry about pro or con about characters due to the fact theres not going to be a characters able to to handle every character fighting style
so just pick a character you like