Pros And Cons


Can someone describe for me all character’s pros and cons?
I’m gonna make a list with all the characters, so the new players can make a wisely choise, based on their style.

PS: If u dont want to spend your time on that, just write about your main pros and cons

PS2: If you desagree with some of the infos, please enlight me and the person that wrote it, cause I’m just transcribing things here.


Cerebella Pros: Great Grabs, can really lockdown characters and take off lots of health, 360 grab is awesome for reversal, running gives some closing options, super-armored moves
Cons: Slow normals compared to others, multi hitting moves (ie Valentine) cancel out super-armor, some problems long range.


The character specific threads have tons of info from many players

I’d give you my personal opinion but I’m reformatting my team atm.


since im bored ill write the pros and cons of each character as i see them, notte that some players will of course disagree with some of the points cause every player is different.



ridiculous offense once she gets close to a character
probably the highest amount of resets for any character that i know of
her hitconfirm is reasonably safe on block, and easy to confirm
one of only 2 characters that easily converts both ground and air throws with no meter needed and doesnt matter which direction the throw was in or if its midscreen or corner
a very high damage character
doesnt need meter in her offense making her an excellent battery choice or point character
high mobility cause of flight


some of the worst air to air ability in the game
her gtfo moves are lacking as all she really has is her super, and it only hits versus the ground and doesnt have much range to boot.
she has very little range on her normals
can be very hard for her to get in



probably the best overall support character in the game as she has an invincible assist, a safe on block super, and a very easy to combo very high damage lvl 3.
catellites is probably the best overall lvl 1 super in the game
has a “super for every occasion” lvl 3 for crazy damage, lvl 1 wagon for less damage but super high invincibility, lvl 1 cats for pressure and amazing chip damage
along with painwheel has the best overall throw game in the game
j.hp gives her a very good air to air move and it also is a great jumpin as well
heavy so some standard combos wont work on her and have to be adjusted
a heavily invincible dash for getting through zoning as well as using to crossup if she has an assist available, its also probably the furthest ranged dash in the game
"s" tier character when used as a support, otherwise still very good when she has solid assists backing her
awesome lvl 5 super
double is considered by many including myself to be the best character in the current version of the game


could be classified as a “slow” character since she has no airdash and her ground dash isnt cancelable in the middle
somewhat low average damage
not the best resets though she does have them and they are probably good enough
can have trouble getting in against wary opponents if she has no assist backing her
can have trouble opening opponents up once she is in unless she wants to burn a bar
generally very meter dependent



standing overheads that can be very hard to react to
great pokes
great air to air and jumpins
her napalm pillar is probably 2nd or third best overall assist in the game after hornet bomber and updo
has very good ground resets
has good keepaway game with her high priority pokes and napalm shots
imho the 2nd best support character in the game
is a combo machine
can be hard to pushblock correctly making her offense stifling
considered by many to be the 2nd best character in the game


is a charge character
somewhat slow, like double
hard to learn to play her “fast” though it certainly can be done
can be hard to convert her ground throws depending on the type of throw it was
have to have some serious execution to get good damage out of her, but its more than possible



offense, offense,offense
great resets
very good at landing tick throws and lows when the opponent wants to try and tech the throws
very fast in your face offense, probably the fastest in the game
has a good gtfo move in updo which can be canceled and made “somewhat” safe by canceling into air super
one of the games best assists and overall has a good assist selection tree being able to use updo as a gtfo or hairballs for lockdown
has some great uses for her meter


outside of the corner her throw game requires meter
meter heavy/dependent in general to do good damage
can be unsafe on block as all her specials and supers are extremely unsafe… most of her medium and hard normals are unsafe as well
lacks range unless the user is good at using ringlet spikes
has a hard time getting in against keepaway

filia is generally considered on the lower end of the tier list… but she can still kick some major ass, the tiers in sg are compressed for the most part.



most range out of the cast
best keepaway in the cast
teleport crossup cheese
teleport against people that are advancing via jumpin is a good way to continue keepaway
kind of slept on by many when she doesnt have a double assist


tends to get raped once a character gets close or hits her with a hitconfirm
no real gtfo move for dealing with upclose characters
her airthrow is a joke
slow airdash and groundash though atleast she has them



low execution still does a ton of damage
grappler with a legit 50/50 command grab/air command grab mixup
very good air normals
has an armored run into mixups


lacks range
regular throw is bad



head functions similarly to an assist making her a great solo character
one of the best on point gtfo moves in the game
ridiculous damage and long combos
very unorthodox and hard to play against


very unorthodox



really long combos and great damage
one of the best users if not the best user of the best assist in the game, hornet bomber
ground throw easily converts into high damage
best overall movement/mobility in the game


really shitty assists
really shitty gtfo abilities



Does bang! suck THAT much? O_o


It’s an opinion post. L/M Bang xx Super help get opponents off of you in a tight spot. Not perfect (bad vertical hit-box; if you’re not punishing a gap and straight up guessing then you have to choose between hit invincibility and throw invincibility) but not worthless. You’ll want to look at the characters yourself when possible and form your own opinions on their strengths and weaknesses.


Is this about actual Pro/Cons in a tier list kind of sense, or about Pro/Cons in an imaginary field (As in “If this character was strong, that’s what she would do”)?
Also, PrePatch or what we expect to be the case PostPatch?


I would guess that it’s player opinions in a tier list kind of sense on prepatch SG, since that’s the version the majority of players have access to. Also, Hornet Bomber xx Cat Heads on block isn’t safe, iirc. I remember commentators on the EVO stream shouting for players to punish it, plus I’ve punished it a few times with Bella grab and low short. “Safe” online, maybe.


Yes, it does. A friend plays peacock and ive never seen him use it and i tried to use peacock and use that move and it was ass. Chibi has also stated that the move currently is shit.

Yes this is opinion. But only because you have stupid people that say things such as “gief is good from far” and other nonsense. The semantics in my post are opinion but the general feel of every character is correct… Fortune kills people with her head, painwheel is a reset monster etc etc

As far as hornet bomber on block being punishable… Yeah one of the guys i play against can punish it on block (and wiff) 100% of the time… But i think cilia slide xx cats is safe…



I’ve managed to get L Bang working as a reversal often with Peacock (limited success with M Bang; I try to tech more often than I use that). The timing is pretty strict though since the invincibility only lasts for the start-up frames, but it works. Punishing gaps is probably the best use I’ve gotten out of it, but the raw reversal guess/punish works. Post patch it should be much easier to use, maybe even as a reliable AA attack.

Also, Peacock’s L Bang and air throw are WAY better if she’s charging an H Shadow of Impending Doom when they hit, since the L Bang into any lvl Item Drop converts into a full combo (she actually has some weird, damaging stuff for 1 meter) and air throw into Item Drop can link into a super for level 2 items and teleport into OTG combo for level 3 items. L Bang on block with lvl 2/3 Item Drop may actually be safe, but I have no real way to test this.


Thing about Bang in its current incarnation is that it’s not invincible through the active frames so as a reversal it sucks. You CAN use its invincibility to make strings safe, but it can only really combo into a released item drop or AA only.

Now, post patch when her Bangs are made better, Lenny has less recovery etc. it will be a lot more useful.

As for Fortune, I’m sort of smiling that both pro and cons say “very unorthodox” in your post, Dime lol

Here’s my list of pros and cons only for Fortune lol

Head provides cover for unsafe strings
Head can prevent long range zoning
Head can help continue combos
Some of the best air mobility in the game
Pretty great neutral game
Invincible dp+LK is fast
Almost every hit will guarantee a full combo with careful positioning
Hard to see resets, crossups and cross unders
Head “protects” the body from some projectiles and supers
Has access to many invincible reversals: 4 in the ground with head on (2 meterless), 3 in the ground while headless (1 meterless), 2 in the air and all can lead to full combo with correct positioning

The head can’t block and takes 50% unscaled damage always
Combos catching Fortune and the head do ridiculous damage
If doing s.MP, s.HP, c.HP, j.HP and counter hit, will drop her head involuntarily
Can’t control the head while in blockstun, hitstun or super freeze
Only dp+HP’s head move can’t be interrupted by hitting Fortune or forcing a block

So basically most of her pros and cons revolve around the head being out there lol


I’m still under the impression that Parasoul is the best character in the game. She has fantastic damage output, one of the best projectiles in the game, a top 3 assist, a roman cancel, two standing overheads and an insane pressure game. Her weaknesses are she’s one of the least mobile, and her grab range is mediocre.


It’s pretty bad. Fake teleport is my preferred get-off-me.

I do Cilia Slide xx Cat Heads a lot, and I have had it punished. The window to punish it isn’t huge, though.