pros and cons

i was looking around and i couldnt find anything.
i was wondering what were some pros and cons of the cherry top stick and the bat stick and the american vs Japanese buttom layout

Tech talk used to be so much fun. Now it sucks. It’s full of this crap.

dude chill out im new to sticks and im trying to get the right one for me

Read the stickies please.

I can understand when topics get made repeatedly because there’s no sticky to read. But in your case, you just didn’t do enough research.

id est, next time, look harder.

it’s all a matter of preference. Most likely you’re accustomed to bat top, assuming you are from the States. /thead

why don’t you do more research before making such a general question?

there is tons of info on tech talk and in the sticky threads



Dude, it’s about comfort and feel, that’s like asking what kind of car seat fabric is more comfortable leather or cloth? How the hell are we to know what you like?

You haven’t been here long enough to realize we get tons of these questions every week and it’s annoying as hell.

“What’s better, square or octagon gates?”

“Sanwa or Seimitsu?”

“Tomato or Tomato?”

“Hori or Mad Catz”

“Ball or Bat?”

“Spearmint or Wintergreen?”






Fuck that, Big Red

The only thing worse than threads like this is ACCOMMODATING threads like this. I wish mods would give infractions for failure to read stickies and just instantly close the thread.