Pros & Cons for Kung Pao (amateur post)



I decided to share you all the capabilities of what Kung Pao can do (I’m one of the Top Kung Pao players on ps3 but I suck at writing tech info so don’t take this seriously)


  • Her kickback is the best way to get players to take the bait & when the right time comes, press kick+kick or dive+kick (immediately)
  • She’s able to defeat Dr. Shoals, Dive, Kick, Mr. N using Kick Gem (not sure about the other gems cause I stick with Kick Gem, builds her Kick move)
  • Dimension Break is a great way to either avoid a dive kick or counter the opponent from behind (however, it can be risky if you don’t time it right, especially with both Crack Kick & Dimension Break)


  • Out of every chars. dive kick, her dive kick is by far, the worst dive kick. If you dive & kick, you’re asking to get defeated (my suggestion, just press dive to trick the opponent. If you want to dive kick, use it at your own risk!)
  • Building meter takes a while so I wouldn’t worry about it unless you really want Kickfactor (be patient, it’ll come unless the opponent headshots you)
  • Headshot Kung Pao is dinner for your opponent, as if her dive is low, her dive is even lower so what I do is wait for the meter to go away by backing up.
  • She’s a pretty bad match-up against Redacted, Markman, Stream, Uncle Sensei & The Baz (might be wrong with some of these chars.)

That’s all I got so far from my experience playing as Kung Pao (ps3) so if any Kung Pao players (on ps3 &/or pc) want to update the pros & cons for this char. do it. I’m probably wrong & if you want, you can follow me on Twitter at @SkullDude_


I think this is debatable. Some people get super aggressive when they see a headshot Pao and think it’s a free round. But kickback is always a threat IMO, because her kick is great for counters.