Prostate massage?

Has anyone had one, and what was it like?

I’m a recently “out” homosexual male and would like to pursue this avenue with my partner.

Thank you for your replies.

Steps I went through before posting this message.

  1. Saw thread title
  2. Thought it was a bot
  3. Figured… well even if it is a bot this outta be an interesting message.
  4. Realized it wasn’t bot.
  5. Considered directing OP to the gay thread somewhere around here.

… and here we are. For lack of anything else to add…



Never had one but I imagine you’ll be feeling something like that

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welcome, friend. a lot of both straight and gay men are interested in prostate massage, but so few are willing to talk about it. I hope together we can overcome the obstacles that the jews and blacks and feminist lesbians put in our way, and some day, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually men can rub their internal g-stop to heavenly pleasure withoiut the shame currently afforded to such a natural pastime.

This is all I’m trying to do.

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Because the boys wont play proplerly, I’m opening it up to women as well.

What has been your experience of giving your boyfriernds a prostate massage?

Thank you in advance for making sensible comments and responses.

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