Protect ChImp from simultaneous system boots?

Is there a way to protect a MC board from frying out if it’s hooked up to multiple systems that accidentally get booted simultaneously? I have a cab with a multisync that I want to hook multiple systems up to, and control which system is allowed to boot with a USB controlled power strip. Now, as long as my rig runs properly, I shouldn’t have any problems, but in case two systems did accidentally get powered up at once I want an extra layer of protection. Any ideas?

I believe there are diodes already on the board that would prevent this from happening, though don’t quote me on this. I’d wait for a response from Toodles just to be sure. In the mean time, you’d probably be better served in this thread: The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!.

Somehow I forgot about that thread. I asked Toodles ages ago what would happen, and he said it’d fry. Though, I wanted to leave two systems running all the time (PC and Xbox1), and plugged in at once. Not sure what would happen if it was just a boot; assume it’d fry. I’ll post on the other thread, too. Thanks.