Protect Ya Neck. Eat Puss get C

So, apparently throat cancer via HPV has been linked to oral sex. It’s one of those things that makes complete sense, but I just never thought of before. I also like this quote from the first article.

“Such throat cancers were far less common 15 years ago, said Dr. Robert Haddad, chief of the center for head and neck oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; now, he said, his clinic is “packed with patients” in their 40s and 50s with HPV-related cancers.”

Translation: “The trend of pussy eating has been on the rise since 1998”

Xbox: is her pussy nasty?

Correlation does not imply causation. WebMD always wants to call everything cancer.

He got Catherine Zeta’s Jones

Heard this last week on insomniac, ABC World News. Male co-anchor handled it pretty slick so much so the female anchor agreed. A step above the usual anchors fall all over eachother goofing around when they get a break to comment on any news or make small talk.

Man, sex just isn’t fun anymore. We’re a doomed species.

I think this one you can be protected from with 3 HPV vaccines (males and females).

Protect yourselves, guys. :tup:

Thought this thread was going to be about avoiding sore throats by eating the vitamin C rich livers of cats.

As usual SRK continues to be a slave to big pharmaceuticals and their scams.

I’m not giving up one of my greatest skills and favorite past times simply because of the threat of cancer. That would be like Daniel Day Lewis giving up acting because he could get hurt on set. Also, isn’t there like an 80% chance you will get cancer anyways? Why not do something fun in the process?

yup I’m with angrylib! not gonna stomp chompin on cunt cause its some measly risk factor for throat cancer.

Time to invent tongue condoms and rake in the dough.

They’re called dental dams, but I don’t want to taste latex, I want to taste pussy.

man i dont give a fuck about old pussy niggas whose bodies are failing getting throat cancer from infested vaginas.

niggas still out here getting cancer and stds? wtf, gtfo and man up. pussy ass michael d blaiming his health problems on pussy. nigga i woulda took a shot of her blood, then a shot of jameson, licked that pussy and hit it raw with no ill effects.

step ya health up niggaaaaaa

nigga im out here eating mangos and motherfucking um, whats it called, mandarin oranges nigga. fuck a throat cancer

But dental dams aren’t sexy though.

Every time I think of dental dams it reminds me going to the orthodontist.

The cuter the girl the cleaner the pussy.

I read this in Randy “The Juggernaut” Hayes’ voice :lol:

You’re more likely to get cancer from the scan by TSA.

I logged in just to say that this false, now that this has been corrected I can continue my day

its like telling a girl hey wouldnt wantcha to get dat throat cancer so I dont want any head

fuq outta here

Some of the posts on this forum are more likely to give girls cancer.

… you’re a virgin uh?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being healthy. I’ve compromised a lot to be health conscious.

However, just like mercury dangers haven’t stopped me from eating sushi, cancer isn’t going to stop me from eating peaches…clams…tacos…