Protecting Phoenix on Incoming?

So let’s say you get snapped in - a logical strategy for your opponent. How do you make sure you don’t get totally wrecked with a mixup when you come in, especially by a super-aggressive rushdown character like Spencer or Zero? I’m having a lot of trouble with this.


  1. Teleport into Phoenix Rage. If you catch both assist and character, X-factor, repeat, kill both.
  2. Flare sword, air dash at a random direction.
  3. Phoenix Rage, if you are open and did not hit, X-factor dash into random direction and attack ( I suggest crouching M ).
  4. Block and after you fall jump again and block to avoid mix ups, attempt advancing guard, then us L Tk shots to cover ground.
  5. If you wish to flee do a high jump, fly dash a couple of times. Land, use tk shots (be carefull of hyper beams). Use hard tag.
    6-) Counter attack with air H that has a huge hitbox.
    7-) Try Air Down H into random teleport.
    :sunglasses: Dash up, fly, dash many times away from your oponnent.
    9-) Use overdrive M into flare sword, Air H, or random dash to confuse your opponent.

there are two ways around this:

  1. block. very simple, but your success will depend on your opponents skill level. if you can block the welcome attack and land, just push him away, super jump, and youre pretty safe from there. just remember you need a few seconds before any assistance from your teammates becomes available. (includes team aerial exchange.)

  2. use phoenix first. (i use this method.) your opponent sees phoenix on your team, and mentally prepares himself for his anti-phoenix snapping strategy. but what happens when you tell him “fuck you, phoenix is first”? that alone will throw him off, just because every phoenix player likes to save her for last. but heres why she should be first: she is an amazing character with offensive assists and should have no problems dishing out damage if the player knows her bread and butter. this also puts you into the “regular phoenix” mindset. things looking bad? throw some phoenix rage at his face. he wont even expect it. this: you cant get snapped in, which would leave you unable to call assists or tag out. why? because you are already in there. and, if you get off to a bad start, you can always just tag her out to last. dark phoenix will still come out if you know what you are doing with the rest of your team. (and youll probably have built up some amount of meter before tagging out, if you end up going for dark phoenix.) only problem you might have with this is that its a true glass cannon approach: just like using virgil or akuma, you need to know how to block. as long as you can defend, youre gold. (but you have to take your chances, too, of course)

what your opponent will do when he sees that phoenix is first is he will 1.) get excited and walk up to you, or 2.) get all psyched out and run away from you. most people choose the former approach. what to do? if hes a scary character and hes walking up to you, just jump around and away so he doesnt start off with a grab and kill you right off the bat. by the time the fight starts, if hes really right there up in your face, just give him some phoenix rage. he will either block it and the fight starts with him the whole screen away from you, or he will get hit by it (the fool…) and, guess what? fight starts with him the whole screen away from you. if he chickens away from you and walks back, copy him and walk backwards. more distance is good for you. in which case you can just start your annoying zoning game safely.

phoenix is definitely a carry-type character but dont be afraid to let her teammates get some glory. her purpose is to dish some hell out on the enemy team, and you dont need to be dark phoenix to do this. once shes done enough damage, its not that bad if she dies without turning into dark phoenix. just let the rest of your team mop up.

Playing phoenix on point is pretty masochistic

If they aren’t doing a meaty on you, then you just airdash up, fly and then dash away (either plink dash or do the diagonal switching).
If they are doing a meaty, then you either gotta try block your way out of the mixup, or just super, sure you waste a bar, but you save your character (in effect saving your other character later on, cause your opponent will probably not kill them to snap in phoenix again) which is much more important. If you get a happy birthday, it might be a good idea to x-factor if it will win you the game.

Just need to be able to react really.

I put Wesker on all my Phoenix teams, so if she does get snapped in and killed, they are just giving me Dark Wesker.

for number 1, i assume your meaning teleport as soon as she enters. but if u teleport do u mean teleport behind them? and if so will u teleport behind the assist character too? because im sure theyre main chacter will be in front of them covering them as u enter totry and go for a cross up.
if the teleport goes behind the assist too then thats an awesome counter that i never even thought of. and great job if it works.