Protection, lets discuss this

Ok, about 2 years ago i made a great thread about me having problems staying stiff during sex. I’ve actually found out the problem, it’s condoms. You see, i don’t use rubber on my gf and i don’t soften up eventually like in times in the slut house. After my gf and i broke up, i went back to the slut house two times this month. I used condoms on the first hore i bought and yes, my penis would go into soft mode and i couldn’t bang her or even have an orgasm… so i just wasted my money and we just wound up chatting because there was nothing else to do. The second one however allowed no condom use, and i could actually perform with her. It was great and we managed to go more than 2 rounds (usually they charge extra per round), but i got the two rounds for just an additional 200 PHP.

However, it’s not safe to have random sex with out protection. How many of you can actually work with condoms? Am i the only guy who suffers from condoms or does anybody here have the same problems? What can i do to actually use a condom during sex?

Is it ok if I assume you’re full of shit and never had sex?

no it aint

I tried condom once, never again!

wait, yu fucked a whore who allowed NO CONDOM use? gtfo. You must be lonely as fuck. I’d never stick my dick into a girl who’s job status is “whore” without a condom. Nastyyyyy

Side note. Im allergic to the lubricant used in condoms and it burns my dick. Found this out the hard way.

pre-ejaculation has a very high concentration of sperm, so don’t be a fool, wrap your tool, or roll the dice and see what happens

Are you sure that you’re not just attracted to the sight of your own cock? Maybe essentially putting clothes on your penis is ruining that. In that case, I suggest you buy a brand of condom that is as translucent as possible. It’s like a wet t-shirt contest for your dick.

Listen, sluts in the slut house cost 2,500 php in total, everytime i went there i would normally waste money because in the end my dick just goes down. That’s not only a waste of money, but seriously embarassing… the first slut i managed to get there said that my dick was like a match on windy day. In all reality, I don’t feel shit. Even with my girlfriend before,i had a condom on and the first time we had sex was shitty because my dick just goes out, and it never comes back. The whores are actually young girls, ranging from 18-25, so i was confident enough that the bitch was clean. I’m very good in withdrawing, just to make that clear.

last i checked, 15-20something year olds are the MOST likely to have a disease…even higher with sex workers, at least here in the states.
i can’t believe you ran up in a prostitute RAW DAWG. you gotta be jiving

My dick weathers any storm. So I’m glad to say I do not share the same problem as you.

However, you are nutty for sleeping with a hooker with NO protection. You need to go back to earning pussy through dating again or something.

Dr. Azrael. Paging Dr. Azrael. Code blue.:looney:

And that’s why I’m glad I’m married.

Condoms… It’s like booting up in Safe Mode.

Nah man, i think prostitutes who are above that age are more likely to have diseases due to higher experience they had. Also, i don’t think that stat exists here, i’m confident that the girl was clean. The guys who hit up the slut house are most likely foreigners because they have the money, so i think i was safe.

And that’s returns us to the main problem, condoms. On a normal date, it’s likely that the girl will only allow sex if a condom is present just to assure she doesn’t get knocked up. And sadly, it’s very hard for me to use condoms… there where times that i did manage to cum while wearing a condom, however the sex was very lame and it was like i am focusing to much to get my crotch stiff, meaning to say i try to imagine other girls that i want to have sex with (celebrities, etc)… it really takes the joy and feeling of the intercourse out.

A sex worker!? “Clean?” In JAPAN!? HOHO, surely you jest.

This thread… ugh.

i suffer from George Syndrome. Seriously, putting a condom on kills the mood.

This must be a troll post



so let me get this straight, i am the only guy here who has performance problems using condoms? You guys actually feel something while wearing a condom? I’ve tried allot of condoms, just to make it clear that the reason isn’t because the condoms i’ve used where thick.