Proton Cannon After Flying Screen



I might be crazy, but I could’ve sworn that a couple of years ago at EVO, somebody (Lincoln?) launched his opponent, slammed him to the ground (flying screen), OTG into the infinite, and then ended with a Proton Cannon. Maybe I just didn’t see it right, but is there some way to reset the flying screen to allow specials and hyper combos?


I don’t know the vid you are speaking of but a link would help if you can find it…

I will say that some moves that start flying screen… do not ALWAYS cause flying screen… if you launch someone with IM… jump up… do aircombo ending in d+hp… you’ll get some flying screen as I recall… …on the other hand… if you launch… jump up… and just to d+hp you don’t get it… this is if memory serves… most of my combos are so autopilot with IM now I don’t pay much attention to these things often enough…

On the other hand if it was an air throw used… then there is no flying screen and if done low enough can be OTG’d after…

If he used f+HP or df+HP in the CORNER… then flying screen doesnt matter… and IM can OTG combo, sj cancel to ground inf… and of course… end in PC…


It was during the final 8 (maybe within the top 5 contenders) of EVO2007. There weren’t very many IMs being used, but I can’t find any videos to sift through to find what I’m looking for.

Wait, why wouldn’t the flying screen matter? Flying screens prevent super jumps, air dashes, specials, and hyper combos. I know that the flying screen doesn’t happen if the slam happens on the first or second aerial hit, but I’m trying to figure out how to PC after the fact that it’s happened. I probably completely misunderstood you though.


As long as you aren’t trying to do those things while the screen is “flying”… you should be able to pick back up and do them after… and since… its in the corner… they dont really get sent flying anywhere… and since normal jump isn’t prevented out of it…you can start the inf out of it… ect.


I can’t do any of those after the flying screen effect. For an example…

I’ll do c.short > s. roundhouse > sj. forward fierce > ad/df > sj. jab > sj. down fierce (flying screen effect since character gets slammed to the ground) > sj. forward roundhouse (OTG) > infinite. When I get to the corner, I can’t do PC or anything else for that matter besides repetitions of the infinite because it’s the same combo that caused the flying screen. The screen jumps around like crazy because of this too.


yea i get the same result i guess… suppose using an assist combo or reset at that point would be better… that or a diff setup for the inf… if possible…




His assist probably got hit with his opponents assist while he did the knock down; which causes FDS too.


At around 0:05 the screen jerks a little. Whenever I do the infinite after a flying screen effect, the screen will not stop jerking up and down wildly, and it won’t let me do Proton Cannon. I want to keep that from happening. I can record the jerking if you don’t know what I’m talking about.


I know exactly what you mean and what causes it is the screen to stay focussed on the enemy, when they are knocked by a f.s. move.

That vid I put is one way to negate that; allowing you to do a snap back, super jump or a proton. I think it works on commando too,but I just s happend to try it on roll due to her size.

Another way to break the f.s. limit, which I believe seems reasonable to how Lincoln was able to do the hyper combo afterwards, is the assist hit.
The way it works is if your assists gets hit by anything (projectile, whatever…) WHILE you’re doing an air combo, f.s. WILL BE NEGATED.

The begining combo (0:19 - 0:26) on Meikyousisui 7 will show an example. while Wolvie does an air combo on colossus, the drill claw causes f.s., but he sent ken out before he launched colossus. Ken then get’s hit by the zombie, which at this point, f.s. is now negated and wolvie is able to do a tornado claw, or a special move which normally, you cannot do durring f.s…

Hhonestly, reading this will make your head explode; hopefully you’ll understand even though the example I use is kinda confusing since joo’s style is incredibly unique in awkward ways, but if you still don’t get it, I’ll make a vid.


Nah your example was fine; thanks, but how is fs cancelled in the first video? I’m assuming the second j. F+Fierce slammed her into the wall and canceled it or something?


I did a Dash Hk., sj. Lk., Lk., Up+Hk., Air Dash Up., Lp., Hp., (This Triggers f.s.), Lk., land, j., Lk. (Here you can see the screen jolt up a bit, focussing on Roll) Hp., land, Lp., Mp., Down+ Mk. (f.s. is now nullified. After this point I begin to get shoved back a couple of times; you can tell f.s. gets voided), Lk., Hp., Proton.


What’s the concept behind nullifying with that c. forward?


One of the rules of flying screen fo MVC2 goes it you catch an opponent with a f.s. combo, prevent 'em from touching the ground, and sweeping them with a trip (when they land on the ground, you have enough time to pick 'em back up), allows you to do another air combo, Hyper Combos, snapbacks, and so on.

Here’s a list that shows examples of flying scren and how it can be cancelled by Magnetro:


I guess I can’t FS cancel by OTGing immediately after the hit that causes FS, because that’s what I usually do with Ironman without an assist (in the case of sj. d+ Fierce > sj. f+ Roundhouse (OTG)). Thanks.