Prototype Arcade Stick?

I saw this on and was wondering if anyone knows if this arcade stick is a prototype or if it’s been released already? It seems as if Sega panels fit in it with ease.

I believe I heard somewhere from MarkMan that that was a display model made by Sega for releasing a 2 player home-arcade panel for the PlayStation 2 (or was it PlayStation 3?). It was supposed to be something like a “rerelease” of the Sega Saturn HSS-0130, just like Sega has done with many of their other Sega Saturn projects like their PS2 Sega Saturn pads and their PS2 HSS-0136 (the crazy Virtua stick with 8 buttons arranged in some crazy awesome fashion). I honestly don’t know whatever became of this.

I think it looks tons better than the HSS-130. Hopefully this prototype didn’t get scrapped.

wow, that thing is niiiiiiiice. Def, need to try and find some more info bout this.