Prototype of secure stick system

See it in action! At EVO tables will be provided [edit, our table setups weigh about the same as a cabinet. No, it’s not going to move], along with a few sticks for the poor saps that don’t bring their own.

:wtf: that’s pretty strong
say, how heavy will the tables at evo be?

They’re big, long folding tables with metal legs, like the kind you see in cafeterias. The table weighs at least 150 pounds, and it will have two fairly large TVs on it.

sounds good. while i still prefer having marvel on cabinets, this does slightly ease my main gripe about stick instability. Then again, i can’t really tell how fully stable that stick is until i actually play on it. But by “prototype”, you mean you’re going to try to improve this one, correct?

did you even watch the movie? did you watch it with your eyes closed? that movie is to show you that the stick didnt move at all, and that velcro is a powerful adhesive to keep your stick locked down. it seems like to me that you are running out of excuses, and just didnt even care, because you are so set in your ways.

did you read my post with your eyes closed? I said this does ease my worries about it. i was just curious why he had to say “prototype”. seems to me you just had a bad day and felt like venting. get that stick out of your ass already. Christ.

So…will you guys supply the velcro?

no i based my comment on your one retarded sentence .

“Then again, i can’t really tell how fully stable that stick is until i actually play on it.”

If the stick doesnt move, how is not the same as a arcade cabinet. prototype referred to answer to yoru problems.

hmm… it looked good. Thanks for the vid.

BTW, Wiz, i call dibs on the shgl stick :]

I brought it up because Ink mentioned the tables are like cafeteria tables. While the stick may stay, i’ve seen cafeteria tables rock. These can probably work on cafeteria tables but until i know for sure how they’ll work on those tables, I’m going to keep an open mind and wait til i actually feel it.

that was tops when he busted out the hammer; good shit, inkblot.

The hammer of justice to save the day.

So I guess everyone should start velcroizing their sticks then?

Last time I checked, cabinets don’t move like that coffee table did.

The stick may not move, obviously, but the table sure did and that’s the whole point.

I have a rope, it will hold your weight… I will send you a picture of it holding a bad of sand of your exact weight…ok?

Now I want to dangle you off a bridge on said rope…Pictures/videos dont work as good as actually seeing it with your own eyes, I think that was more his point. Switching the biggest Arcade Fighting Tournament to being a console tournament is a big, step be easy on folks when they ask questions.

Its Mr.Wiz, he’s allowed to be a dick to people.

Shirts, you were at Evo2k3, and should know better. The consoles will be set up on really long tables, 2 setups to a table. The table alone weighs over 150 pounds. Add on another couple of hundred pounds for the two big TVs, and we’re talking about 350 - 400 pounds. I don’t think the goddamn Hulk is coming to EVO, but if he does I’ll make sure you don’t play against him.

Some of you guys are making dumb assumptions just so you can complain. Just don’t come then, I’m sick of it.

Well even though I dont like console this does ease me on playing on our own sticks. Now my decision on wether i go to EVO this year or not is at a 50-50.

As mentioned earlier will the velcro be supplied to us?

I think that the people running Evo. should just set a universal standard. Like…have all velcro 4 inches apart along the table, preset before the tourney. That way you can buy your own velcro, and put it 4 inches apart, So when you come you can just stick it on the table…it’ll save a little time, and if everyone has the same layout of velcro, you won’t have to be sticking and resticking new velcro all the time, just simply put in on the table when it’s your turn.

That’s a great idea. We’ll publish standards well before the tournament.

Quick question, for those of us that don’t play marvel and are comfortable just having our stick on our lap or setting it on a table that is similar to the height of an arcade cabinet, will the evo setup be able to accomodate that? This is my first evo and I don’t know how you guys set up all the consoles but if we’re able to put sticks on or lap or what not then I won’t need any velcro at least.