Prototype of secure stick system

this will be my first evo too. i’m not too worried about the console only thing. i don’t plan to give my stick leg drops or powerbombs. i’ve been using console stick for years and never had a problem of my house moving off it’s foundation or causing an earthquake in my neighborhood because of mashing. maybe i’m in the minority but i think people are just being a little bit too picky about it all.

I’m sold! =D

lol shirts anywaz looks awsome Ink not like I even need a table I’m using my ps2 pad

good test

nice demonstration of how to keep the sticks from moving. Yea, beat the hell out of that x-arcade stick, abuse it!!! Ink, or whoever knows, what kind of sticks will be provided at evo? Mas? x-arcade? random brand no one knows about? thanks


Will the TVs be set in a way that if a player wants to sit on the floor with the stick also on the floor he can see with no problem?

Are we even gonna be allowed to play on the floor?

Iono I think the test was dope. The stick really didnt move out of position and I think thats the most important thing. The coffee table shuddered a little but that doesnt change the stick’s axis in relation to the players position thx to the velcro, plus they wont be using those little coffee tables at evo. If you guys plan to have the setups as secure as that then I think that the console idea prolyl can work. I know you guys prolly dont personally own enough sticks for 40-50 setups (the number that wizard gave in the other thread), so I’m thinkin that you will put some velcro on the bottom of the sticks that players bring? That’d be fine with me (i own sticks)

edit: LOL i like how the guy took the hammer and spun it around in front of the camera to show that it was INDEED a real hammer…not some camera trick lol.

edit2: Im thinkin that since the stability issue was resolved pretty fast then they’ll prolly figure out an effective way to enforce stick management/security (antitheft). In the end I think it’ll all come together smooth.

Don’t forget to include in those standards which side of the velcro will be on the table… the furry side or the rough side. So people will know which to put on their stick.

That’s a very nice rug. You have a lovely home.


Hmm… I do have one question.

The velcro straps I can only assume were glued down to the table. As such, a second set of strips would be glued down to a person’s stick. Now barring the fact that some people may not want to have glue on the bottom of the sticks, how are the players accounting for the fact that they need time to have the velcro glue dry before their first match?

Secondly (and this come from experience) velcro is a great idea except for people that happen to use sticks that have a pre-planted pad/foot/whatever where the pad is thicker than the velcro. See I tried the velcro idea about a year ago when I bought my Agetec and the pads were thicker so the vecro idea went out the window as the pads were running the block.

Any insight into these two matters would be greatly appreciated.

There will be a universal standard set well before the tourny. So People will have all thier velcro set on thier sticks before the actual tourney. Read the previous post I made, and look at Inkblot’s reply.
*edit - As for the glue thing…I had to velcro something to my guitar one time(long story:( ) and I had that glue residue on it. All you have to do is use “goo gone” and it gets the residue off no problem.

I don’t know exactly what your saying. Please explain more.

I think what he’s talking about is the rubber on the bottom of sticks getting in the way of the velcro. Well, I guess there isn’t a solution but to rip them off. You can always reattach new ones or glue them back on. I’m sure that if you do it carefully the stick will not sustain much damage. If they’re screwed on, screw them off. I mean, Evo is once a year, 2 bucks in rubber sticky pads is worth sacrificing isn’t it?


That video was fucking pimpness

Nice job on anchoring the sticks, though. It’s such a simple thing but no one thought of it.

man that vid was pretty dope, all i have to do now is get my stick back, and practice and hope for the best…

Dang, ppl are beasting on kai sing.(sbo team tourney all over again.) =O

The velcro I used has a sticky back to it. It’s like tape. I’ll provide all this information when a post the standards.

Yes, the X-Arcade stick has pads on the bottom too. You pretty much have to remove them. Most pads are held on by screws and can be removed, then screwed back on later.

LOL @ video test. seems pretty sturdy to me.

off-topic: inkblot , pls check your e-mail. thx.

wow…it was something so simple.

i was too high to watch that:lol:

man I could have hit it harder than that :smiley:

Heh, good shit with the hammer. I though you were goin to smash that X-Arcade stick. :lol: either way, uhh, can we have another EC v WC team tourny in xx? Thanks much!

Chaotic Blue

The whole console thing sounds like it will work. But I have One Question. Do you have to play at the table? I mean i dont know about everyone else but when I play at home or at someone’s house i usually sit on the floor with my mas stick. Would this be a problem? And how do you(Cannons) feel about Cvs2 and MvC2s with altered music. Will those be used in tournament play?

That’s awesome. Talk about bending over backwards to please ppl. If that doesn’t quiet “the masses” I don’t know what will. The last second hammer shaking part was hilarious.