Proud moments with Guile

Earlier today I was at my local arcade. As usual, I was the only Guile there.

I managed to do FADC>ultra on a couple of guys there. The 1st time I landed it, this guys was just taking it to me with his Ryu. He was doing all of this fancy pants shit. He ends up getting knockdown from an AA, out of nowhere and as soon as I land, I’m off the floor and going into FADC>ultra. He was kinda next to me, and at the same time that he saw me get up, he dashed back only to get caught by the ultra. Fucking sweet!

It was one of the holiest of moments cuz he took his hands off the stick, leaned back on his seat and said: ‘whoooooa, how did you do that?’ He didn’t have much life so I took the round. The crowd behind me started to laugh and I heard some say: ‘what the fuck was that?’

Again, I’m pretty much the only Guile there. Others may dabble with Guile, but I’m the dude that plays Guile there.

3rd round comes and it’s going back and forth, he’s got life lead on me, he’s maybe at 50%, I’m like at 20%. And again, he gets a knockdown, this time he’s distancing himself, I get up and just wait. It seemed like an epic staredown but it happened in less than 2 seconds. He dashed in, I FADC>ultra. He was already in the grab animation when I got him with the ultra. I ended up losing the round but earned some brownie points.

I got props and knuckles from everyone when I got up. lol

It doesn’t end there. After the Ryu guy got knocked off the machine it was my turn again, against another Ryu. This time I landed the ultra a couple different ways.

RD1. Ryu was poking with…poking, poking, poking. It got to the point where I just said - fuck it - he poked and I FADC>ultra and caught him on recovery. I got the round with just a sliver a life.

RD2. I got destroyed but landed FADC>ultra. For some reason it was just coming out like clockwork! (EDIT: I was pretty much gonna die, so I just threw it out. I was surprised it actually connected.)

RD3. Towards the end of the round, I had super and ultra stocked, I had low life, so did the Ryu player, maybe 10-15%. This guy went for the cross up, I did super, caught him with just 2 hits of the super at the peak of his jump, the hits tossed him behind me, as he was coming down I go into ultra. This got me the win and a cheer from the crowd. Fucking sweet shit with Guile.


I would say that my most proud moment is winning against some pretty strong Ryu’s while i played at Shinjuku Sportsland in Shibuya, Japan. This is in spite of losing a number of matches, but I found this to be a great learning curve when playing the japs.

The guy I played against at least commended me for being competitive and willing to learn various techniques the locals use. That in itself really meant a lot to me.

I landed 3 overheads in a row today against a buddy of mine who plays a competent abel. After i won that round I lost the next and told him I should have used more overheads. I lol’d.

Nice, and this is exactly why I will be practicing the FADC>Ultra for the next 48hours because it seems like the only way to land it besides a Crumple or AA LightFLash Kick… God I’ve got to nail this…

But my proudest moment as a Guile player was probably when I first started my SF4 journey (lets just call it that for now). This is my first ever SF game so I had no prior knowledge to the motions o rany of the movesets, terminology, you name it, I didn’t know the shit. So I have a friend who kind of talked me into getting the game because he played it when he was a kid. We get the game and we play and of course he is winning all the damn time. I’m talking about he never lost to me or my brother. It got so bad to where it was acctually and accomplishment to win a round (He uses Ken by the way, which is why I hate Ken to this day). Yeah, that bad. I remember it took me weeks to learn how to do a FlashKick (I know, I know…), and even longer to get the Ultra. But again this is my first time playing SF so I’m still on the learning curb. So time goes by and I get better ,of course, and I practice and I start to beat my friend a little. Not a lot, but a couple wins here and there. We continue to play the game and before I knew it I was a decent Guile and I was competing with my friend… Then the day came where I finally got over the hump… I played my friend and I whooped him and is gay ass Ken’s ass like 14 or 15 straight mathces in a row… LOL… It felt so good. I remember my friend getting so upset that he went out of the VS. mode so that he couldn’t see the consecutive wins in the top corner… I really think it was affecting his play mentally. LOL… I love pissing him off!

Man that makes me realize how far I’ve come because I used to be garbage…

I am proud of this game:


I had in the second round 1% health left and he was on 80% health and then I made a comeback.

I am not so proud of this game:


Nearly lost VS a Flowchart Ken.^^

About half an hour ago vs a ken online. Last round and he had the life lead, so I used my Super - got him just as he was in throwing animation. Charged for ultra and hit him with it right after. It didn’t kill him (took like 60% off) but it disorientated him enough for me to land in a few more hits for the win. I always thought super > ultra was a waste of meter, but my recent experience has taught me otherwise.

Before that, I fought a sagat. He did his usual tiger spam > tiger uppercut, but I took some risks and went in on him any chance I got. Usually I clam up against sagat and don’t play the match well. This time I took those nerves and whooped him with it. Felt great.

I’ve definately levelled-up and am now enjoying my matches vs sagat instead of bricking it. I’m also a lot more comfortable fighting Gen’s and Vega’s. I just had to work on my patience - there’s 99 seconds per round, so I’ve learnt not to rush the fight.

To me it’s hatemail from Akumas and Ryu’s or the Akumas that throw a hissy fit if you ask them why they play such a great char as runaway.

Funny thing is, I like playing against Akuma players so my comment is there to help them make it more interesting…and somehow I always end up the asshole. Ah well. If you’re gonna runaway with Akuma…you’re gonna lose to a decent Guile

Chipping out Sagot are my favorites :wink: I recall throwing a SonicBoom and right be for the chip boom won me the match, I hit the taunt button. Nothing better than a slowed down taunt for the win “Come On ;)”

that time i superultrajuggleplanewinged staticjack ftw :woot::smokin:

OH & EVERY time i jumping backbreaker a blanka out of his ultra! :clapdos:

Getting top 8 a few weeks ago in a tournament full of Balrog.

I would be proud if I could actually play Guile on stick or get,cr.lp, xx flashkick anywhere besides training mode.

Congrats on top 8 Brahn. Against barlog nonetheless.

Pretty much every time I get a low air throw (jump back and snag psycho crusher for example) I feel damned good.

Ya guru, those two inches from the ground air throws are friggin sweet. Once I was playing a very good boxer and I noticed after I would score a knockdown and go for crossup he would backdash and get air reset by the So next knockdown I jumped at him a little bit late and air threw him out of his backdash. Friggin funny.

hah i was there & it was a proud day, for sure
branh showed them the error of their ways all day long w/ a healthy use of s.Fierce :p:
again, goodshit :tup:

That is awesome. I think I have only snagged two backdashes and I think they are the best. Such a soul crushing moment for the opponent because they can’t even run away properly.

Air throw (BackBreaker to be precise) a ryu player during his Shoryuken (more precise his foot was still touching the ground as I did the air throw)

The air throw timing was sooo perfect he got grabbed just as his foot leaves the ground.



Ryu: now with my cool attidude I KO u fool.



Guile: I GRABBED YOU!!!..???

Ryu: Ken? HOW U GRAB ME???

Guile: you are not on the ground…?


Guile: … Go home and be a family man.

winning an epic set by air throwing a ryu out of a lp.shoryuken at it’s absolute peak after i had stupidly jumped in. plus, i had literally a pixel of life. that’s THE one that comes to mind.

Any time my ultra actually connects lol

Having Gief chase me across the stage while avoiding my booms and Fierce Punch, then finally getting me close to a corner to green hand…and get thrown out of it…now sitting in the corner. I don’t know why but this makes me more happy. Almost as happy as throwing Sim through his Ultra.

Super to ultra finish a enough said

beating an akuma 10-0 using taunt 1 through to taunt 10 in each round was fun