Prove Me Wrong: Less is More in Fighting Games

Now granted I am not trying to say that certain games don’t have their fan support, but speaking strickly from an overall perspective when Fighting Games were as popular as most every other type of game, LESS = MORE.

So, What is the Criteria? 1 Word, OVERKILL.

Too Many Characters, Repeat Characters, Filler Characters.

Too Many moves. Air Combos, Custom Combos, Counters, Parrying, ISM’s, Air Blocking, Multi-Level Super Meters, Guard Crushing, Weapons, etc, etc, etc. Too Much of this stuff is OVERKILL.

I will throw out some names to support my theory.

Street Fighter 2 Series.
Best Game:
Arguably all of them except Hyper Street Fighter 2 The Anniversary Edition.

Tekken Series.
Best Game:
Tekken 3/Tekken Tag.

Street Fighter Alpha Series.
Best Game:
Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Mortal Kombat Series.
Best Game:
Mortal Kombat 2.

Prove Me Wrong…

hope you can parry everyone’s reponse

Yes, because we can somehow prove your opinion wrong, using only our own opinions of what is “best.” Brilliant. :rolleyes:

MvC2 shuts your argument down in seconds. Why do you think it’s still being played till this day? And let’s not forget VF5, the undisputed king of fighting game depth.

And when you really dwell on it, less equating more is subjective. Not all fighters actually have that kinda of thing going for them. Just look at Guilty Gear. Just by looking at it from a quick glance, you’d almost swear there was nothing special about the game. But, when you sit down with it for more than 5 minutes, you really start opening up a can of worms.

You do realize that a certain number of games had to be made/revised until you got your “perfect” version right?

More can be better.

wow. this thread won’t have a future for long.

opinion vs. opinion topics are really productive

Close thread…


How about less of your opinion and more of you keeping it that way?



man, dont you know what more gives us TRUE gamers? a good fell of the game. i mean look at sfa3, dont you like the feeling of blocking for a while, being backed into a corner, almost dead with the time almost to 0, and your combo meter is full; then at the moment when the douchebag slipped up, and then WAM!!! SUPER COMBO SAVES YOUR HIDE AGAIN, and then you raise your hands in victory to say those words of champions, “I OWNED YOU BITCH!!! I OWNED YOU!!” thats what these meters do for ppl. am i right guyz?

I am impressed by your remark.

geez whast with the random hate on this guy… Did he do something in another thread? And if it means anything in general I agree.

The less you have, the more focus can be concentrated on certain elements of the fighting game; but there’s nothing wrong with having more going on and spreading out the focus on multiple factors. Whatever suits you.

I didn’t read your post btw, just answering the topic question.

For your 1st post, you seem to have a lot of gall, CHUMP.
Hyper Street Fighter 2 is far from the “best.” :rolleyes:

I have dyslexia too… don’t feel bad.

I admit saying Hyper Street Fighter 2 is the best would be pretty ballsy…

Had I actually said that. Read my original post again, I said all of them EXCEPT HSF2: AE were the best (personally I prefer Super Turbo).

ahhaahha how many people have been negging this guy? just 5 minutes ago he only had one red bar.

They don’t agree with me. Isn’t that usually enough to get negged on an internet message board? :slight_smile:

Would that also include WW and SSF II? :confused:

ST had the most characters of all the SF II games, and is widely considered the best (although HF purists may fret).

But I guess you’ve already been “proven wrong” since the first reply… :rolleyes: