Proving Grounds Semi-Monthlies - Chattanooga, TN - 2/27/2010 - RESULTS

I have all the results from today’s semi-monthly tournament here in Chattanooga, but before I post them I’d like to give a few shout outs to some folks who made the tournament a success.

First off - Atlanta - thanks for showing up again for our tournament! It always helps us to gauge our strengths and weaknesses against formidable opponents and you guys always bring some fierce competition - thanks for your support!

Melty Blood folks - good shit! That game got WAY more hype than I thought it would. I do believe we will continue to have Melty Blood at our future events.

Tennessee players - we had some guys from Knoxville, Cleveland and other surrounding areas come show support for our tournament…I really appreciate it everyone!

And now…the results!

1: JTO
2: The Beast
3: Too Much Damage
4: Pokchop
5: Solgrim
5: Darkraven (Microbeast)
7: Mashout
7: Tanner
9: Kazujiro
9: capn’jazz
9: AgentZ
9: AuraFox
13: Landon
13: Loafing
13: Whiskey 7
13: J-digi

3rd Strike
1: AgentZ
2: Ghab’stop’r
3: Juan Camargo
4: Pokchop
5: capn’jazz
5: The Beast

HD Remix (round robin)
1: AgentZ
2: Solgrim
3: Ghab’stop’r
4: Ahgodamit

CvS2 (round robin)
1: Pokchop
2: Too Much Damage
3: capn’jazz
4: The Beast
5: Ghab’stop’r

Tekken 6 (round robin)
1: Me Red ATL
2: Turkeasy
3: Tanner
4: Mortiss
5: Hellhound

Brawl Singles
1: Haloman
2: Chron
3: Kenny
4: Reeves
5: Rambaram Richards

Melty Blood: Actress Again
1: Tanner
2: J-digi
3: Whiskey 7
4: Tr
5: Ka
5: Ghab’stop’r
7: Ahgodamit

*Oh and p.s. I recorded the SF4 top 8 as well has several Melty Blood matches. I will be posting those up asap.

I’m still so awesome

Had fun, guys. Microbeast is a hype


Hey Bananas, sorry me, you and Pokchop couldn’t hit Marvel - my boy Ka had to leave and he was my ride. Also my capture device was fucked up (I wanted to record) so yeah… See you at FR though.

Burn is upping the MB tournament matches soon, so I’ll link the post-tourney casuals on my account:

Man, my Red Arc was beasting at the meet that day…perhaps I should have stuck with her more in the tourney but I love my C-Ries and Akiha more, haha.

Hell yea. I was really surprised we had the 2nd most entrants. We’re still a growing community so hopefully next time we’ll have even more people. The Grand Final against Jake (j-diji) was intense as hell.

BTW I go by “Tanner” usually. :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t feel like correcting you since I didn’t notice you put me down as “Stone” until later and didn’t want you to have to change the brackets or anything.

Consider it fixed bro! I’ll make sure you get entered as Tanner at the next event.

Good job on the tournament Internalburn. Sorry I was not able to make it out.

Yeah, I had to admit the Stone thing had me confused for a time as well.

It’s all good man. We’ll see you at Final Round! :slight_smile:

No sir, YOU are the hype machine, that viper is scary.

I had fun though, looking forward to seeing you all at Final Round :tup:

How did I get 3rd place when I only lost to AgentZ? Lol! Good time, though! Time to get more worked on 3S apparently :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing Juan, hehe.

Your Hugo is strong, you should definitely start playing more!!

Yeah, I thought it was odd that I got second when I’m pretty sure I was double outed, lol.

It was cool playing 3S with you though Juan. If you ever want to get some matches going again lemme know since we’re located rather close.


Sorry Juan!

3rd Strike
1: AgentZ
2: Juan Camargo
3: Ghab’stop’r
4: Pokchop
5: capn’jazz
5: The Beast

where can we see the vids?

SF4 top 8 (errr…7…SORRY BRO!) and Melty Blood: AA vids have all been edited and uploaded to my youtube channel.

lol it’s cool. awesome shit man thanks!