Prov's texture mods "Sakura"

Ok so I’ve been fiddling with SF4 since the day it came out. Most of you know of the Youtube videos with the very odd and funny move swaps. Now I’ve moved on to much needed texture mods.

This is the first Fully modded texture, though most of the idea came from pootnannies. His idea I just made it reality.

Vega/Balrog/Claw Ninja: (1080p)

HD Video gameplay: [media=youtube]3hGIb31TeHE[/media]

File download:

Deviantart page:


This is a simple texture consisting of the veins colored to match his ki or fireball color. (1080p)

HD video gameplay: [media=youtube]pPf0CzP8prM[/media]

File download:


Cammy in Digital Camo:

HD video gameplay: [media=youtube]iwyJ5gzVQh8[/media]

File Download:


Plaid Sakura:

HD video gameplay: [media=youtube]j3CYz7hMrKY&[/media]

File download:

Deviantart: Pending

A Tutorial for users who wish to mod but lack understanding.

I will be updating this thread as I create more content. Please enjoy.

Whoa, pretty darn neat.

That looks awesome, thanks for posting it up.

Geki in SF4 wow nice mod another great masterpiece of yours from hd sprites to 3d graphics simply amazing!

neato! I’ve been trying to make my own textures and it’s a pain. Mad props!

If you need help just give me a shout on MSN or AIM.

Shameless bump.

i surprised you didnt try and makehim into a full on shin akuma look.

Looks sweet! Needs MOAR VEINS!

No homo?

Maybe someday we would see, nash, haggar, evil ryu, cyber akuma? and gouken on old original shoto outfit?in the future. Nice concepts and cool stuff!

Akuma with the glowing veins looks awesome. Claw’s edit is pretty spiffy as well.

Keep us posted with more!

I will soon enough.

I gotta put off modding until I can get my youtube page sorted. Seems people are copying video and uploading on sites like Gametrailers. Anyone who knows that site will understand that the video is earning said person(s) GTD which can be used to purchase real items.

Normally I don’t care but the fact they aren’t unwilling to post the link to my youtube page(for obvious reasons) where videos can be viewed in HD instead of shitty ass SD that is poorly ripped and poorly encoded. Not to mention the misleading, improper information given.

No way to lead back to this or other sites paving the way for average people to benefit from mods. People who take the video without permission for their own gain are worthless to me. At least if I watermark the video people can learn where to go. So they can ask and learn, so they too can do what those of us understand and enjoy.

I’m working on a Cammy mod that I’ll try to get up soon. I’ll also work on a Sakura mod, and I’m willing to take requests but make them tasteful.

Isn’t it possible to at least report those who steal your vids on Youtube?

But yeah, best you’d go for a watermark or a link to your YT page on the bottom of the vid or at the end of it.

Has anyone located the model data yet? I’m pretty handy with blender3D python scripting, and I could see hacking together some sorta import/export plugin.

i hope your cammy mod is in good taste and not a lame outfit that is just a little more revealing.

lacks imagination, that does.

I wish I knew how. So far it’s hush hush.

Nah, I was thinking something tactical more fitting for her. Maybe mesh type armor if I can get the hexagons to line up properly.

Awesome stuff man.

I made a basic evil Ryu myself. Just changing the colours of his eyes and headband.

Cheers for all your tips in the other threads and forums. Really helped out :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw it, nice work. I appreciate the props but I can’t be called the originator. Just a fan like you who look read and understood.

could you make a cammy like her alpha costume?

i really liked that one.

I really want to see Cammy in the 1945 promo poster outfit. Tactical gear sounds good too.