Prowla Designs :: Sexy Lady Avatars

Whats up? How is everyone? This thread is to show off some of my work, And to make people “Sexy Lady” avatar’s. There are just a few rule’s before I start taking request.

  • Rules -
  1. Dont be a avatar whore. (Asking someone then asking me for a avatar, To me is being a av whore)

  2. You must provide picture’s. (Make’s it alot easier for me:lol: )

  3. Please give me at least 2 day’s MAX to finish your avatar before you decided you want to ask someone else.

  4. At any given time I can decline a avatar request due to a number of reason’s. (Tagger’s block, Not in the mood, To hard etc)

Here is a little bit of my work that I have done in the pass for week’s.

Ill be taking only 3 request at a time, Due to me having alot of work lately and not much time. But I will have all request done asap.

:cool: Request Away :cool:

dont want an av, but just wanted to say those bgs are pretty damn nice, you got some skill (is this random.remix?)

Yeah it is.

Thank you, And yes that is my other nick. On a side note, Draig you have improvide alot. :eek:

Thanks alot man, you have too! (your blending the girls alot better now)

That’s what i’ve been trying to do for awhile now, Been practicing for about a few week’s. :lol:

Hey wassup? Could I get a tag of either Tila Nguyen or a really hot model with a Greyish Blue and white theme color?
Thanks if you can,add tech if you could also.

Please provide images. Thanks

When’d you get that av from SoulE?

quite recently i believe. but this is srk so av and tag requests are separate. tg’s rules.

Yeah, if you personally feel that the person is whoring because they just got an av and are askin for a tag or wall then that is your choice to make. Personally, I dont consider it to be, because well, they cant use tags here at all and its seperate pieces of work, not another av for here or another site.

I got it like on monday I think, but im asking for a tag.

ProwlaDesigns - Just go to Here and find some good pics,thanks.

No links to porn, read the stickies.

oh crap,my bad bro >.>

Just go look her up on Google and click “im feelin lucky” and yeah

Sorry, Im going to be working alot in the next few days so I wont be able to take up your request at the moment. Sowwie!

I didn’t even know he picked it up.:frowning:

@prowla, what’s the point to this thread if you aren’t even going to take up the first request? :confused: