PS-14-K vs OBSF-30

Thinking about purchasing some seimitsu buttons, just because they got some pretty cool-looking colors. But not sure what they would feel like compared to regular sanwas. I quite like the sanwas, but their color range is kinda limited.

Also it might just be my imagination, but I think I read somewhere that people have had a bad experience with the PS-14-K-Ns. Is this true?

they are not as sensitive as Sanwas, that is the main difference. it takes a little more pressure to push them, they are not like sanwas where if you rest your fingers on the buttons you might press it.

OBSF-30s come in lots of colors, if you look around.

PS-14-Ks might feel the most Sanwa-like of the Seimitsus, but they are still stiffer. There is nothing wrong with the PS-14-K-N in my experience. They do feel different since they use the larger type switches, but both buttons feel different from Sanwa buttons.

PS-14-K can be modded with an SW-68 Microswitch from a Sanwa button for the softest feel, but not PS-14-KN. Not quite as soft as an OBSF-30, but softer than stock PS-14-K or PS-14-KN. Of course, the advantage is that they’re much better for art in buttons/LED mods.

Also, the colors robokrikit posted can be mixed and matched. You can have blue sanwa plunger with green sanwa rim.

tried them both. replaced the stock sanwas in the TE-S with Seimitsus. like them better as they are not as sensitive. the sanwas always felt like they had too much lateral motion for me. it felt squishy. the seimitsus go up and down with little lateral play. that is important for me. they feel more precise. when you want to press a button you press it. with sanwas i always pressed buttons without meaning to. I am putting the sanwas in an EX2 I have lying around for a spare stick.