PS-14-KN artmod question


I’m just wondering how hard or easy is the PS-14-KN artmod.

If I don’t do the artmod would anyone be willing to please give me button color combos and ball top color suggestions? I’m thinking the PS-14-KN clear(white) or the clear(blue) as buttons and a white bubbletop.

I’ve also tossed around a few other color combos including orange ball top, japanese 6 white & r1 +r2 yellow as well as yellow ball top w/ japanese six white & r1+r2 yellow

I’m kind of afraid of white as it may pop too much on the blue, but I am interested to see what any of you may suggest.


Next time, use the search function.


Went from Mobile Phone to turning on laptop.
Too slow. :sad:

You printed with the Template Border shown.
Are you going to cut so perfect that there will be no white color?

It would be been cooler to turn the Layer off.
Then use the Metal Panel as guide.

But I guess having it on would help you center the Metal Panel to get the Button holes correct.
Since you have the Button Labels.

Just that having a little bleed be better.


Well worth it…but yeah, its a pain in the ass.

That guide is pretty spot on, I would use a brand new exacto blade/pen over a swiss army knife however.

When you trace the circle artwork off the button, its actually an asshair smaller than that to fit in there without any mashing…


I didn’t print with any border shown. That artwork is lamilabeled so it looks like there is a border. I cut out the original print from card stock before having it lamilabeled on the new sheet. I already plan on using the metal panel as a guide btw :smiley:

thanks for the input, but any other input on possible color combinations for buttons if i decide to go solid buttons instead


Blue/Yellow goes with the theme of the artwork nicely.