PS 2/3 only for tournaments?

Is there any game where the “standard system” for tournaments is the xbox360? Seems like SSF4, Mvc2, Tekken etc. are all played on PS2 & 3.

Yes most of the game you have listed are played on the PS3 due to Evo Standards i believe.

Except for MvC2 is played on dreamcast cause the port was the best and still is due t the fact that ps3 has the lags

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Thanks for the input!

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The SRK servers seem kind of iffy.

Also it depends on the venue what console is being played. For SC4 and Tekken though I think it’s PS3 preferred because of the superior pad.

PS3 is the Evo standard for most games. I will say, though, that most tournaments now run SSF4 on 360 for a variety of reasons. The tournament I run has just switched to 360 over PS3 because of 1) convenience, 2) cost, and 3) “closer to arcade-perfect” input timing.


Care to elaborate on convenience and costs?

It will be interesting what EVO announces tonight…but I feel like “the community” has sort of set on PS3.

I’ve heard people hate the Microsoft proprietary USB set-ups.

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Well Xbox 360s are a lot easier to come by, so if you’re short a 360 for a setup or something you can just have someone bring one from home.

Haha damn. I wish it didn’t take an hour to post. Anyway, for convenience and cost: It seems more tournament players have a 360 over a PS3 (which is odd considering that more people bought the PS3 version over the 360 version). I guess it comes down to- if people have a PS3, they’re likely to also have a 360. So TOs (in my experience) are more likely to be able to get 360s from the community than PS3s. Alternatively, if you wanted to buy systems for your tourney, 360s are FAR cheaper than PS3s. For a while, Walmart had a promotion where you could basically get new $100 XBOX 360s.

In the south, at least, a vast majority of tourneys have been ran on 360. Besides Evo, I think SSF4 is run on 360 far more than PS3. I don’t have empirical data to back that up, but that’s what it seems like from the threads I’ve been through. Honestly though, it’s more convenient to run SSF4 on PS3 just because pretty much every other game is run on PS3 and it’s easier to just stick with one console.

Also, the 360 controller “problem” is only an issue if you use pad. It’s actually not a hard fix and it doesn’t happen unless you’re being dumb. If you just play as normal (plug in stick, play, unplug stick) it doesn’t occur. I’ve had bigger issues on the PS3 which is only better because Sony was smart enough to put in an option where you could change controllers from the home menu.