Ps 2 Vga?

Anyone use a vga cable or box with a playstation 2? If so, which one? And how good is the picture quality on the monitor? would third strike’s resolution actually look good?

I recently saw these pics in an sfac review and figure they used a vga monitor for the setup.

3rd Strike looks like shit with VGA.

ps2 doesnt output vga so any cheap vga/upscan converters suck.Best you can get is the xrgb2 which upscans regular 15khz to 31khz/vga.Looks great but kinda pricy($179 from lik-sang).I still bought it anyway though since I have a 33" vga monitor now and wanted the best I can get.

A few games (about 20, including Tekken and Guilty Gear) will support Progressive Scan. These games will work in VGA, some other games can be forced (like Contra:SS).

Displaying the low resolution graphics of SFIII would look like shit if forced into high resolution.

Those pics you saw are with the filter on (softens the jaggies). SFAC will look like crap at high resolution since it doesn’t use high res sprites and will look very blocky and pixelated (sp?). If you don’t believe me try playing 3s on chankast, it will look like crap on pc but if you have s-video to TV it will look nice.

thanks everyone. guess i could try s-video before xrgb2. just thought vga would deinterlace 3s and if set at the correct resolution (instead of high) would actually look like the arcade.

PS2s native resolution isn’t anything like the CPS3s. The damage was done when ported.

I played 3rd strike via RGB (testing aktham jamma project) and it doesn’t quite compare to the arcade.

I wonder if Hori’s Upscan Converter 2 will allow progressive scan games to be played in VGA glory without the component upscan crap?

WHAAAAT??? :sad: :confused:

if 3s in the arcade is 10/10
then what is ps2 3s on arcade monitor via RGB?

you’d probably actualy be happier with a dc and a vga box after trying that.

You better believe I have the DC versions of sf3 and a modded vga box (modded to display 15khz rgb rather than 31khz vga @ the flick of a switch) :karate:

If it weren’t for our buddy aktham, my brother’s PS2 would be back in his room collecting dust :clap:

You’ll soon see:karate:

I already broke down my test setup, and I’m at the final project assembly stage, waiting on one part.

I can take pics of the DC versions in RGB :tup:

Even a ps2 via RGB won’t be the same, and it is impossible really. Again, the hardware resolutions are different between PS2 and CPS3, the damage was done when the game was ported, you CANNOT fix that.

just bought a psyclone s video cable. the difference between s-vid and composite cable is night and day. all that blur is finally gone and 3s looks good

component cables give the best analog picture possible (to regular tvs). If your TV is not too big you won’t be able to tell the difference between S-video and Component. If you tv supports Component cables then get it (5-10 bucks used) if not S-video is still MUCH better than composite.

thanks for the advice aktham. my tv doesn’t support component, otherwise i would have went with that. :tup:

this box does component to vga

anyone try this?

XRGB might be a bit too serious of an investment to most people

^ waste of money…I heard that thing delivers washed out/mixed up color.Never saw it in person but I still say dont bother.

well for a SVideo converter i tried this one and it looked decent enough.

the RCA on it for video is shiet but its great for svideo. if u dont have svideo cables there is a cheap one from madcatz for like 10 dollars for all 3 systems. its the one that i use when i use that one and its great. the reason i say only use this for svideo is because the RCA has like color bleed and its blurry kinda. but svideo on this thing is pretty damn nice for the money. i got it at my microcenter where i live cuz we carry it there. i work there now so if any1 wanted it i could get it cheaper and ship cheaper than liksang.

then there is this one called G combo… looks like hori upscan 2 or mayb it is.

ive seen this one in action and its okai for JUST PS2… not the svideo or rca hook ups… they dont look like svideo at all. thats y i stuck with the XGA box up above. but for ps2 this is pretty damn nice.

and now to the component section… for this there is only one good one ive seen and its freaking gorgeous cuz i own this as well and kept it

its the VDIGI VD-Z3

its damn nice there are some look alikes on lik-sang and ebay but nothin compares to this component transcoder. its worth every penny. ive used my GC, PS2, and xbox on it and it looks great.

but for the real money swamper its all about a straight vga connection right?

well for DC we all know its native and the only other system to come close besides the PS2 with the hori upscan 2(i like component transcode more than the upscan) is the xbox. the people at Neoya spent a long time on this and its definetly worth it.

thats the one for xbox. a little bit pricey but its damn good. seen it my self. i dont know wat the diffenece between the X2VGA and the X2VGA+ but from what i hear its better to get the + model. sometimes u see people selling the original on ebay probably because they are getting the + model. there is one on ebay right now for the + model
but if it reaches like 75 dollars including shipping its not worth it because shipping from NEOYA is like 12 bucks making the one from them like 76 dollars.

over all i think the best deal is the one from VDIGI mainly because u can use all the systems on it and it looks great. and it comes with a set of MS brand xbox component cables. so for the 60 bucks u spend on it its pretty awesome. i sure hope this helps someone in finding what they need or making a decision. as ive played around with like a billion of these adapters ive finally got the set for me.

But not many ps2 games actually output native vga so you are pretty much fucked for most has a list of ps2 games that supports vga so I suggest checking there before buying vdigi as its useless for non vga games.