Has anyone attempted to mod a PS3 SIXAXIS controller in to a custom joystick yet?

i’m sure people have already but they are probally gonna hide the fact until their custom project is finished.

Yeah, I would have thought that converting a sixaxis, like most other pads, would be simple. However, you know how mans take their time with the aesthetic side of things :wink:

I think the sixaxis isn’t easy to hack. I think it’s even more difficult to hack than the dualshock, which was almost impossible :frowning:

I’d like to see the guts of a SixAxis pad… If a mod is possible that’d be awesome. Delicious wireless~

There are some pictures of a disassembled Sixaxis at IGN. Note that some of the pictures shows the inside of a Dual Shock 2.

Thanks. =D

it’d be a horrible waste to mod a SIXAXIS. It’s should not be hard though provided you have a semi decent iron.

EDIT: Actually, it’d be dirt easy to mod, you should be able to do the solderless A hack on it.

EDIT: there also seems to be solder spots all over the back which can be used. You can also solder straight at the base of where the cable connector is if you have a nice iron.

Actually, modding the Sixaxis is the only solution if you want to use a PS3 joystick that will work with all Playstation games on a PS3 since the USB adapters do not work under PS2/PS1 mode.

What about the HRAP3?

Don’t have a PS3 yet so I can’t test it to see if it works, but the easiest way I can think of would be to use SpiffyShoes’ method. Once you’ve checked that everything works, do as SpiffyShoes does, “wrap the wires around the Circuit Board twice and then tie them togther with a cable tie.”. I prefer to put some glue from a glue gun on the terminal so there’s no way the cables can come loose.

I hope that the only thing you have to solder is some additional cables if you want to use LEDs (PS putton and player indicator).

EDIT: Damn, chippermonky beat me to it with his EDIT :lol:

Man, I’m pretty clueless as far as padhacking goes, but I figured NOT using the battery would be one of the toughest obstacles. That IGN link was pretty cool. Here’s the article itself in case you’re having difficulties navigating (I did!).

Lots of problems. The only guy I’ve found that says he’s getting it to work with PS2 games has not responded to any questions asking how he did, and some people think he’s lying. Forums drama!!
Click this link and scroll down to "PS3 controllers for PS2 games on the PS3"

in spiffyshoes method to use the solderless hack there are 16 spots to put the wires in the ribbon terminal. in the ps3 controller if you do the spiffyshoes method there are 20 spots… so, 4 directions, 8 buttons, xmb, ground, start, select.

im wondering what the other slots would be for?

possibly L3, R3, controller assignment led’s, bluetooth reset button

Me and sicdic hacked a ps3 sixaxis, couldnt use spiffy method, had to use our own. Will put pics up in a few days for all to see.

that would be cool…

custom sticks with the ps3 pad…though ps3 pads are not cheap yet…

also…wouldnt a usb pad’s pcb work on the ps3?

Holy cow, that is awesome.

Also from the looks of the opened controller, the traces seem really easy to follow, that PCB would be perfect- I hope those face buttons aren’t pressure sensitive! those PS2 Dual shocks really killed the hackability with that.

A concern was mentioned by some guy in some thread that the analog shoulder buttons (R2 and L2) may have some input lag, just like the Dreamcast pad. I don’t know anything about anything about this sort of stuff, but I am curious. Can anyone shed light on whether this holds true for the SIXAXIS?

v v v Rock on!

They’re all analog buttons, not just the triggers.

To answer the question, no they aren’t lagging. Look at the pictures from the IGN article you posted. All of the shoulder buttons use the same connections as the other analog buttons, so take just as long to process; no lag, at least electronically. He may be having difficulty because of the hinge and the long range of movement, but electronically, no lag.

WoW… nice, hopefully it works good. Can’t wait for the pics :tup: