PS Allstars Match Videos

2v2 stock


I wanted to have a thread where we can post our videos and show off or so people can get matchup info. :slight_smile:

I’m a bit self conscious but here we go:
FFA Ranked - Epic Freeze Missile @ 4:02 which helped me win from behind.

1v2? Stock Match: (teammate dropped out before game started. Luckily the weren’t very good)


ROFLKLLLFLF that parappa with lvl 3 teabags

We have gotta get some 2v2 together again, your drake was awesome but i really want to team up alongside your dante :slight_smile:

Also, here’s one of the matches i had with HeavyJugz.


Yeah dude, we can do some matches. I’ve been really sick recently (flu) and haven’t had time to play as much. I’ve been working on new video so most of my game time has been going to that.

And yeah that Parappa was pretty funny teabagging, sadly though it did not help him win. I love the reaction at the end. I have another 1v2 game recorded but jesus its long and bad. However the end has some nice salty voice chat.

Video of guys playing in Brazil. (1 X 1)


Next video in my running sets series with pali.



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Brasil 03 - tuckthetuck(sly) vs xX_BritesBR_Xx(Raiden)



Practicing team synergy with fellow redditor Minzara


Recent Weekly Tournament Grand finals. (I’m Fat P ofc.)

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Brasil 05 - Kisori_br(Kratos) vs the8bitboy(Fat Princess)

Is there any footage from SCR?

Here you go (Finals Day):

Also Brothers In Blades 2:

Grand finals 2v2