PS button: A combo of select+up(digipad) on ps1 digital

i have a modded stick using a PS1 digital pad+generic ps1/2 to ps3 usb converter adapter.

it doesnt have a PS button on the adapter. but apparently select+up works exactly like ps button.

can anyone confirm this with their own stick and different variation of playstation pads(dualshock 1, 2 and pcb revisions)

i wonder if i can wire up 2 of those commands into a single button making my own PS button.

edit: select button+ Up works. start isnt needed XD

Damn. So Saturn pad-owners are still outta luck!

It does work for me with a HRAP 2, T5 stick, an SFAE pad (my SFAE stick refuses to work with any adapter) and some other pads using the REAL adapter and some other adapters I can’t recall the brand (will check and edit when I get home, I believe its something like Maximo)

Yup. You need two diodes and some wire. Any diode will work, so just grab the cheapest you can find at radio shack, probably N4148’s. Diodes have a stripe on one end; orientation is important, so make sure you see the stripe.

Connect a wire to the Up signal line and a separate wire to the Select signal line. At the end of each wire, solder one lead from the diode, specifically the end without the stripe. Repeat for the other wire. For BOTH, the end that is NOT soldered to the wire should be the end with the stripe.

Connect the two striped ends of the diodes together. Connect it to a prong on your button. Connect the other prong to ground, the same common line going to every other button/direction.

oh wow, you actually saved me the trouble of planning it out. THANKS TOODLES!