PS Dual Sticks that clone circle/triangle/square/x buttons?

I’m wondering if and what psx/ps2 dual stick controllers are able to use the right stick to map the buttons to play games that would traditionally use two sticks but were released before the original analogue controller was released. I just picked up Namco Museum vol. 4 because it includes one of my favorite old arcade games: a tank game called ASSAULT but it is virtually unplayable using the d-pad and buttons. Other games with similar control would be Project Overkill and those using Smash TV-style setups. I remember I used to have an old mad catz ps1 dual shock that had a mode to let you use both sticks like this - are there any equivalents for ps2? Would any of the flight stick-type controllers brought out for games like Ace Combat work?

Ideally I would find/build something that resembled the really cool Virtual On dual stick controller for the Sega Saturn

i believe it was a ‘digital’ mode and ‘analogue’ mode that you could switch between in order to be able to use the dual sticks for games pre-dual shock

Hmm, well what could be done with this is to build a custom stick with a second stick to replace the button set. All that needs to be done is to wire the stick to the four face buttons.

I don’t know too much about the Ace Combat flight controllers though, sorry.

I saw a PSX Dual sticks type controller at a local game store, it’s been sittign there for months… I’ll see if I can find a picture of it online…