PS->GC adapter input layouts


Hi all, I’m currently shopping for a PS to GameCube adapter so I can use my old playstation controllers (a Street Fighter Anniversary pad, and a Hori stick) for TvC.

From reading the forums the most recommended adapter seems to be the Cube JoyBox Pro. I was just about to buy it from play-asia and call it a day, however looking at the specs on the manufacturer’s site (, the button layout binds both the L1 and R1 inputs to the GameCube Z button. And both previously mentioned controllers I have use L1 and R1 for their two right-most buttons (unlike the semi-common R1 and R2 layout, like on the PS3 MadCatz sticks), so both of the buttons would create the same input.

This is a real bummer! Yeah I know, TvC is a 4 button fighter so the game would still be playable, but this is still pretty crappy circumstances, I may play some other games in the future where having one missing button would ruin the experience.

Does anyone have one of the other adapters out there, and if so could you tell me which button layout is used? I would really like to find an adapter where L1 and R1 are bound to distinct inputs. I’m guessing some adapters bind L2 and R2 to Z instead, or something like that.



idk if there is one atm but you can still remap it i think well il being getting mine soon so il let you know