PS SFIV TE round 2 punch buttons not working

This is my first post, so first Hi! Well I decided to finally buy a stick and I found a great deal on my local kijiji. The guy was selling a 80gb ps3, the SFIV TE ROUND 2 stick and a copy of SSIV 4 for $275. He would only sell it as a bundle so I thought I would buy it, resell the ps3 for $200 or so and I would have the stick and SSIV 4 for $75. But then he took the stick out to test before he sold it to me and the punch buttons were not working. What could be the problem? And is it still worth getting if I can get it repaired (or do it myself)? Thanks for any advise. Carlos

tell him to make sure its set on DP and if not prod a wire broke or something :frowning:

Thanks, well he says now its working? But he is not sure why. I think I might just buy a new one online.