PS Vita 3g + Wifi + 3 Games

Sup guys, looking to sell my grandpa’s ( yes grandfather) PS Vita.

He doesnt understand how to use it so he wants me to sell it for him.

Basically my uncle is a Regional Manager for Gamestop and he gave it to him, he tried to play it for about 2 days and now he gave up. The thing is pretty mint. Games with Original box and charger and everything. 4gb card, It has an ATT sim card already in it. Basically its brand new and ready to go.

The 3 games are:

Little Deviants
Lego Harry Potter
Hot Shots Golf

Looking for about 375 For everything shipped.

Or send me some offers.

email me with questions or offers

lock for what?

your price is high, so no one is going to buy it.

How is the price high? $300 for system $30-$40 each game… Its still less than buyin each seperate