Ps vita: fightstick compatible?

I was interested in picking up the playstation vita at some time, for FFX but I was wondering if the launch title UMVC3 can be used with a madcatz fightstick… I haven’t seen anyone necessarily ask this yet but I think it would be a fun thing to carry around

I don’t think it will be unless your fight stick is wireless but I doubt it’s gonna be able to be played with it

Does the Vita even have a USB port for a stick?
And honestly, I don’t want to pull out a stick when I’m playing a handheld game. It’s meant to be a portable game, so why do you want to treat the Vita like a console?

Build a PSVita Dock into your stick… Portable UMvC3 and BlazBlue practice station.

There are rumors that Mad Catz are working on something with the Vita, but exactly what is isn’t clear.
But it is hinted a arcade stick for the Vita might be in the works. If this is so then a platform to make Vita sticks can be possible.
But so far these are rumors, so take this with a pinch of salt.

Vita does have a USB port, does it work as host or not is remained to be seen, I am not sure if the Vita is Bluetooth capable or not.

I guess this is a issue that have to wait until the US and European releases are out and users have time to meddle with the hardware.

I want this option too, and HDMI output. I have a feeling they will do for the next PS Vita release, or the slimmer version Sony will likely release.

You’d think the Vita would be Bluetooth compatible.

One of the selling points for Sony is the ability of the new unit to interface with the PS3.

I think the bigger concern for people is going to be the software released for the Vita. No question it will be the finest hardware available for portable gaming but will the software support be better than it was for the PSP?

I liked the PSP hardware (aside from the UMD drive which does break after a while) but the problem was that I was using it more as a portable movie player than a gaming machine. (Should have gotten an iPod to begin with… They have far fewer problems with video compatibility than the PSP does… The PSP is real finicky about how movies are compressed and you could only use AVC/h264 codec with the movie files.) I ended up selling the system, all my software and peripherals, and put the cash towards a PS3. I don’t regret the decision to this day – it was the right one for me.

The Vita has to stand out somehow because since the time of the of the PSP there are a lot more devices competing for the portable gaming market. It has to have its own AAA titles in addition to ports of classics and its own entries in continuing game series (Tomb Raider, Madden NFL, Wipeout, etc.).

As silly as Angry Birds and WoW may seem to some of us, those did sell millions of copies… Better than 95+% of the console software sales over the past 5-6 years. Neither game is dependent on having the latest, greatest hardware and WoW in particular is a good example of a long-running series that’s well-supported by its developer with timely updates and mission packs that don’t strain the budgets of most of its players.

I just wonder when more people will wake up to the fact that as nice as having the latest hardware is, the fact is that everything becomes second-place after a few months. That’s part of the reason I haven’t gotten into PC gaming and have stuck to console gaming for most of my videogame playing. I really only use computers for image editing and retro gaming. It’s a losing game IMHO to get into the graphics card/CPU hardware race… At least with a console, you get 4-6 dependable years of software support and you don’t have to worry about driver upgrades and extension conflicts.

Umm… so yeah. This is pretty impractical but if they somehow get HDMI out in the future and you’re in a pinch this would actually be kinda cool to have.

Couldn’t the PSP GO interface with a Sixaxis/ DualShock 3? I haven’t heard if this thing can or not.

Can’t work with a PS3 controller according to one of Sony’s earlier press releases made at e3. I’m not sure what other options there might be, since it looks like the blue tooth connection’s only functional for headsets.

Also, I’m not sure if they did it or not but an H.D.M.I. Type D connector wouldn’t really have been be such an impractical thing to add to a handheld. Micro-usb ports on the other hand, would be oriented the wrong way, since at least as far as I’m aware, they’re outputs, not inputs.

That’s a port that chances are, is connected to a USB host. A simple modification to many android devices will enable USB Host functionality, as most processors for the devices support host functionality. All it would have to do is be enabled in firmware and it should be able to function provided drivers can be added.

Someone get Gummy in here quick! Custom case with a plexi window in the top, run wires from the pad to a JLF and buttons. Bonus points for a hinge on the screen so it can be adjusted and a connector to allow a wired pad for playing Uncharted.

If it allows Sixaxis/DS3 bluetooth input IN versus just BT OUT as a “controller” for the PS3, then it’s entirely possible for a person to mod up a Sixaxis wireless joystick. Support for this feature on the other hand is probably entirely up to the developer. If it’s possible to add a 6A/DS3 or two into the system, so that you can either play on the Vita + another controller, or set the Vita down and have 2 people play on their respective controllers, that would be cool beans for stuff like SFxT and UMvC3. My money is that they don’t want you to do that, so you end up buying 2 systems + 2 copies of games and run local wireless MP.

I will let you know what I find on my PS Vita next week, when I receive it.
God damn 2/22/2012 release date

Doubly de-confirmed:

Unless the hacking community makes some headway and adds it in. Even then, it doesn’t seem all too likely (plus, I’m not entirely sure I’d want to see the Vita hacked).

I wanna see a hardmod. Does a veteran tech talker have the courage to gut a vita to do this?


Nice vid.

Love how you got an existing Six axis to work with what looks like a unmodified PSP Go

We have to see what the hacker scene does with the Vita before we can make any judgement.

Yes Sony said that bluetooth mice and keyboards do not work with the Vita’s bluetooth, that does not mean it will not change int he future
They never said no to console add ons, and I didn’t read anything saying literately “no to sticks”.
Perhaps custom firmware or a firmware update will allow for more Bluetooth devices.

If some one isn’t afraid of doing some hardware mods, a Header connector being spliced in might work. that is assuming the controls inside are common ground or someone find a small enough header connector.

That is true, I do also want to point out that the PSP had an camera attachment that plugs via USB port.

Hows the PSP emulator work on this thing. Since it has bluetooth I wonder if a Sixaxis can synch in PSP mode.

[LEFT]It does seem like something they could patch in, but it’s not gonna work for now. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Honestly, I doubt they will - considering Sony’s choice to exclude video output, amongst other things, it really seems like they’re doing everything they can to prevent the Vita from cannibalizing console sales. Which is stupid, but quite frankly, fits Sony’s MO perfectly.[/LEFT]