[PS VITA] Herald Color Market


Hey, all!
I figured since this worked on a small forum, it could work on a large forum such as Shoryuken!
So: this ONLY works for PS Vita owners (sorry others)! With the Playstation Vita comes a feature called NEAR. Some of you may have already tried this out with little luck. However, NEAR’s distance is infinite; you just need to know how to use it.

So, what’s the point of all this? Simple. There are a good amount of users with the Vita version on this forum that may see this. Some of us have Gold Herald or Silver Herald colors that others want. The solution is very simple. In this forum, we submit the Heralds we have, our PSN account name, and when we are going to upload it. It’s pretty simple, I went from 12 colors to 30 in two days.

So: if you would like to give this idea a chance, please leave your PSN name below, the colors you have with their respective character, and when you will upload it and for how long.

PSN: iMilkCarton
Colors: (Not including Shuma and Jill)
Captain America: Silver
Wolverine: Silver
Nova: Gold
Hawkeye: Gold/Silver
Sentinel: Gold
Amaterasu: Gold
C. Viper: Silver
Wesker: Gold
Magneto: Gold
Akuma: Silver
Dormammu: Silver
Chris: Silver
Viewtiful Joe: Gold
Firebrand: Gold
Dante: Gold
Vergil: Gold
She-Hulk: Gold
Hsien-Ko: Gold
Spiderman: Silver
Storm: Silver

About to distribute Gold Magneto, and will keep him up for about 11 hours.
Looking forward to friend requests, specifically want Silver Wesker and Silver Doom.

Also: if you don’t know how to use the NEAR functionality to trade, then please continue reading. Thanks!

To use NEAR to trade:

  1. Make sure the person you want is added.
    2a. If you wish to receive a gift, go to NEAR.
    2b. If you wish to distribute, load the game.
    3a. Go to the “Friends” category, and press the NEAR update button.
    3b. Load the game, and go to the Gallery.
    4a. You shall be notified if you received the Goodie. Go back to the NEAR home.
    4b. Press on the color you wish to share and click “Yes” to Register Gift Distribution.
    5a. Go to Discoveries, and scroll down to view your goods. Download the new color.
    5b. YOU MUST UPDATE WITH NEAR AT THE HOME SCREEN FOR YOUR COLOR TO GO TO THE SERVER. If the update doesn’t go through, neither does the costume.
    6a. Open up the game, and cheers!
    6b. Tadaa!!!


hello good sir. names ultiz and i believe we can work some stuff out. i need those dante and vergil colors. and i got some color u could use in return.
mine are:
hulk silver
doom silver
super skrull silver
she hulk gold
spider man silver
modok silver
phoenix silver
spencer silver
dormammu silver
taskmaster silver
nova silver
ghost rider silver
strider hiryu gold
doctor strange silver
akuma silver.
my psn is ultizthegreat. when u want any of these colors add me and message me. good day


**PSN: **Rollend
[]**Morrigan **Gold
]Deadpool Silver
[]Ameterasu Silver & Gold
]Taskmaster Silver
[]Vergil Gold
]Ghost Rider Silver
If you need anything add & message me.


PSN: TheLastLegacy1

** Marvel **:

Wolverine: GH & H (obtained color H)
Hulk: GH & H (obtained color H through HvH)
Iron Man: GH & H
Captain America: H (obtained color H)
Deadpool: GH & H
Dr. Doom: H
Super Skrull: GH
Thor: H (obtained color H)
She-Hulk: H
Spider-Man: H (obtained color H)
Phoenix: GH & H (obtained color GH)
Magneto: GH
Dormammu: GH & H
Taskmaster: GH
Sentinel: H
Nova: GH (obtained color GH)
Iron Fist: GH & H
Hawkeye: Silver
Rocket R.: Silver

** Capcom **:

Ryu: GH
Morrigan: GH
Chris: GH
Chun-Li: GH
Wesker: GH
Zero: GH & H (obtained color GH)
Crimson Viper: H (obtained color H)
Akuma: GH
Phoenix Wright: GH & H (obtained both colors)
Frank West: GH
Nemesis T-Type: H (obtained color H)

  • ** Note: ***** **
    I’ll update my post when I recieve new Herald colors.
    GH = Gold Herald color, H = Silver Herald color.
    I changed Gold & Silver to GH & H, so people are more familiar.


I am WAY too lazy to list everything. I’m Smashbro29, you can come check me out, I’ll be befriending some of you eventually.


PSN: Hitokirivon

[LEFT]Ryu: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Wolverine: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Hulk: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Chris: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ironman: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Dante: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Captain Amnerica: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Felicia: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Deadpool: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Chun-Li: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doctor Doom: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Trish: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super-Skrull: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Amaterasu: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Thor: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Viewtiful Joe: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]She-Hulk: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tron: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Spiderman: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Wesker: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Arthur: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Spencer: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Phoenix: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Zero: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Magneto: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Crimson Viper: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Storm: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Haggard: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Dormammu: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Akuma: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Taskmaster: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sentinel: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Jill: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Shuma-Gorath: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Vergil: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Nova: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Phoenix Wright:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ghost Rider: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Strider Hiryu: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Iron Fist: gold[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Firebrand: gold/silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Doctor Strange:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Frank West:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Hawkeye: slver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Nemesis T-Type: silver[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rocket Raccoon:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]This is the whole roster for UMVC3. Whatever you see without a gold or silver is what I’m missing myself. Feel free to add me, and if you have any of the ones I’m missing, please help me as well! thank you :)[/LEFT]


ID PSN : Jhun_Hoon
Magneto : Silver
Deadpool : Silver


I added you all frommy PSVITA :wink: thanks


Hey I accepted the request, send me a message in there whenever with the characters that you would like first from this list :slight_smile:


id: aMaN_304

only have 2 heralds atm…
she hulk.

ill update the list as soon as i get new colors.
send a message with your request to what herald you people want.:slight_smile:
^guys above me thanks :slight_smile:

as soon as i posted this i got ryu.


Ok for the request.
I tried to send the color but I have a problem when near try to localize me by wifi.
It seems, where I am now, Near can’t localize me …


Sorry dudes for now it will be impossible to share magneta.
I am in mountains and location by WIFI is impossible where I am. I will retry saturday when I will go back in paris.


I will add soon to share your colors :wink:


Just a question how you get all gold colors ?


OK, normally you will find my magneto and my deadpool :stuck_out_tongue:


I am already there (and u) I share this week Super Skrull silver


Looking for Phoenix Wright any herald color and also Spider-Man… Got Gold C Viper and silver Akuma…


hi there everyone! im new and i was wondering if anyone had a gold dante and vergil?? they are my favorite it would be awesome if you share My PSN is : devilwithin69 add me please


hey i added some of you guys on psn i really need some H&H colors just got my ps vita and my umvc3 but im really good at it if anyone wonna play add me psn. blackrhyno2229


Hey Guys im a completionist
In the Moment i have…
GOLD: Dr.Doom,Hulk,Thor,Dr.Strange,Wesker,Nova,Firebrand,C.Viper,Taskmaster,Vergil,G.Rider,Dante,Chun-Li,Spider-Man,Arthur,Dormammu and Cpt.America

SILVER: Nemesis,Strider,G.Rider,Morrigan,Chris,Hulk,Chun-li,Wesker,Arthur.
,Zero,Vergil,Ryu,Morrigan,Deadpool,Strider Hiryu,Nova And Nemesis

Please if you guys have any of the colors i dont have please share with me i accept Gold And Silver