PS Vita Marvel Controller PLEASE HELP!

Ive been gaming Umvc3 on the Ps vita for about 8 months and im so used to the controller.I got the ps3 version recently and I cant do anything online, The analog sticks are way to big. Fighting sticks are out of the question. I am looking for a controller that would have smaller analog sticks, and maybe the buttons closer together (but that doesn’t really bother me too much).

Ive tried using the ultimate controller (use the vita as a controller) but it connects through the internet causing input lag, and since I main dante its really hard for me to time anything due to this.

Thanks all!

Just have to go into training mode and work out the kinks. Since my psp is busted and Gamestop won’t give me another one (even with the protection agreement) I bought it for the ps3 aswell so I know your pain. The only thing is I used to play it on ps3 before playing on vita so it didn’t take me long to adjust.

Hmm I tried, but its different since you’ve gone from a ps3 to a vita, since the vita has more accurate controls it would be easier. Theres no way I can use the ps3 controller because I play marvel on my vita a lot more, transitioning between them will screw me over. I was thinking of buying a Logitech controller ( but not too sure.
But really its just the analog that give me a problem, If I could get smaller ones It would solve so much problems.

And wow did you contact sony about the protection plan?? Gamestop shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

Add me maybe we could get some matches in PSN: Eggmiestah

I just said f it so I wont be getting another vita. I used the pad and never used the analog on the vita. Hopefully you can adjust to ps3, also I don’t know much about linking the vita to the ps3 but can’t you attach it using the charger cable? To me I think there wouldnt be any lag but maybe not. I should still have you on my friends list so we can play whenever

Nah I tried, it only connects through the internet as far as ive tried.

I play mostly on Vita and had a painful transition ‘back’ to 360.<div><br></div><div>Honestly though, Dante wasn’t too much of an issue.  I HATE to say it like this, but practice is the only way.  I actually prefer joystick on console, but even using a controller (MvC2 I was a DC Pad user exclusively) - it really comes down to practice.  Your fingers should untangle themselves for the buttons pretty quickly - its just the dpad that you need to focus on.  For ‘me’, I ended up doing shoto-exercise motions - reps of DPs/hados.  My combos aren’t 100% compared to the Vita, but that’s a timing issue more than anything else.  There really is no ‘cheat’/‘way around it’ short of training mode…</div><div><br></div><div>I mean if you REALLY want to use a Vita or PSP - I’m sure you could get something pad-hacked for it.  Buy the parts off eBay, and just run it into a controller.  Wouldn’t be too expensive material wise either - for a PSP a case is like $10 rough, buttons are a few, dpad is a couple, and just run it to a controller/joystick existing.</div><div><br></div><div>But it’s going to be much easier and quicker to just go into practice mode.  You’ll be better for it too anyways.</div><div>- :bluu:</div>