PS1 Controller To PS3 help me

Hi, everyone I’m planning on making my own arcade stick and I’m planning on using a PS1 controller for the PS3. First of all can you use a PS1 controller on a PS3 with the PS2 to PS3 converter? and if it works is there any way I can replace the PS1 wire with anything like a USB so I don’t have to use the Converter. I want to do this because of just the LOOKS of it. Instead of have a OLD PS1 wire I’ll have a new USB look instead. Possible?

As for as using a ps1 controller on a PS3:
–I have used a converter, and it works fine, but there is still some lag.

Making the PS1 work for a PS3 without a converter.
–I am going to assume that you want to do this because of the looks of the stick you are using; or the sentimental value the stick has to you. If this is the case, you should probably just use the body of the stick and rewire the inside with a new board. Take a look at the Cathulhu or ChImp boards. This is a VERY hard mod to do, but it is exactly what you need to do. Personally, i would use the [Multi-Console ‘MC’ Cthulhu] for your stick. That way you can use your stick on a number of different consoles.

I purchased an inpin converter from laugh at…and it works flawlessly.

Everyone seems to say those are the best. Cheap too. I think it cost me like 27 with shipping iirc

Just pick up one of those $10 PS2-PS3 converters in ebay.

As for making it a PS3 cable, i have no idea how. IMO just keep it the way it is, it may look fugly but you have the pcb that can be used for pretty much every system ever made w/adapters…