PS1 Game?

I really need help finding the name of this old PS1 game you got like skates bikes skateboards and you collected these money signs and stuff and could buy different sakes and kick and hit people off there bike or skates and stuff like that does anyone remember the name of this PS1 Classic?


I think Orochi Ken nailed it. That game was ridiculous.

You know what game was fun?

Jumping Flash. And Gex.

I liked Valkyrie Profile during the PS1 era. I just find it incredibly baffling that it didn’t become extremely popular. Graphics were ahead of its time, lots of background stories, and a large music selection. A little difficult to figure out by yourself and some tough battles, but goddamn it’s hard to find people that know what game I’m talking about.

Nostalgia’d. :lovin:

Don’t think it’ll be hard here, no.

Pretty good game, probably my fave PS1 RPG.

Valkyrie Profile was popular. It sold through its run, shot up in price on the secondary market, spawned sequels over various platforms, and still gets brought up today by practically everyone

VP was that rpg that was kinda like FF:tactics right? If so i memer playing that…man i still have 2xtreame lol. My fav ps1 game? Has to be legend of legia <3.

No VP is not like ff tactics

DOH! My bad then lol, im thinking something else.

Jumping flash was my most favorite game

Then I believe that game should not be worth mentioning. FFT was awesome.

Wow man, you know i’ve never played either of those games but, your comment is full lame and was said for no reason.

I say what I feel. Don’t make it a big deal.