PS1 pcb select button?

Ok so this morning i get up n start working on the pcb for the custom stick im building, and i was useing the following diagram, a friend gave me.

I drilled the holes in the part where im supposed to (blue circles) but wen i got to the part where im supposed to drill the select button golden circle is, i realized that in the back of the pcb theres a small chip; now if i drill a hole in the select button im sure that ill end up messing the chip up. So now i dnt knw wat to do. anyone else did their pcb like this? if so can anyone tell me how they avoided this plz.

Now for the other part, wat i was thinking of doin since i had already drilled the holes in the pcb, was to scrape off the black thing on the select button n solder on top of it. But im not sure if this would work…

And another option is that i got another ps1DS in my room (i bought 2 jus in case i screw up 1 lol), and i can use that one with the following method in case the other pcb is messed up already… The method i was thinking of using is the following.

I don’t know where you got the idea for drilling, but its a bad idea unless you really know what you’re doing. Each of those points were exposed copper for the wire to be soldered onto directly; but drilling through, you easily could have broken traces on the other side, or even worse, shorted your button by soldering it to the ground plane on the back side.

That works GREAT, but you may find it easier to solder to the test points circled in the image.
However, if your drilling already bjorked the pad, it could be wasted effort at this point. I’d avoid the frustration and by a new cheap digital pad.

Ah, good call on getting the second. Please keep in mind though, these aren’t really ‘methods’; those pictures represent a single model of PCB; even though the outsides look the same, the inside board changes a BUNCH during the production life of a controller. You can’t pick one image diagram and decide to use that with your unopened PSX pad; you need to open the PSX pad, look at the board, and find the image that matches the board in your hand, and then wire it up like the image shows.

Yea i think the board might b damaged but i got the idea from a friend that did it the same way, but i found out today that he used a standard ps1 controller lol, and im using PSDS1…o well no worries i still got another in stock.

Ok so ill jus avoid the frusrtation n let the drilled pcb go cuz i dnt wanna waste more time n effort lol.

Ill take the other controller i got that identical identical to the drilled one. Its a PSDS1 A model as shown on the first image i posted, its not yet opened or anything.

How do u suggest i should approach it?

Scraping the black things off n soldering there?
or is there any other way I could do the soldering work on it?

definitely open it and doublecheck the board matches the picture fully. But, if it does match that first one, there is no need to scratch off the black stuff. Just solder the wires to the exposed copper already circled in the picture. You’ll want to scrape off some of the greed where its marked with a red circle in ST to get to the copper for ground (or find another spot to access ground) but for the rest just use the exposed copper test points.

u mean scratch the pcb under the start. Ok, question real quick, can that b used as the common ground for the entire controller? or will that be the ground for the Select and start buttons?

ill start soldering right now on the exposed copper n wait for ur respondse as for the commmon ground.

its the ground for everything.

ok lol so id say i screwed up the first pcb…
wen i opned the senond bored…SUPRISE !! its almost identical to the ps2 DS >.<!!! wow n now i have no clue wat to do on this one cuz im assuming it has different voltage etc…

anyone have any idea?

the only differance between the PS2DS and this one, is that this ps1DS has like a green wire on the bak of the pcb, and the analog light isnt white, its actually red n roundish, not square like the ps2 light.

It’s very simple to mod a Ps1 digital pad. Just take a look through the padhacking thread and if you don’t see it take a pic and post it up. I can look at it for like 10 seconds and tell you the points. Also, please take the time to type out full words, it just seems obnoxious otherwise.

hehe ok sorry for the typos =P I was really in a rush because, just finished moving to a new apartment and its been a pain.

I’ll try to go today and get a ps1 digital pad,sumthin i should had done from the beggining…but i never listen to myself ._.

thanks and Ill be reading up more on the padhack thread again.
thanks so far again, and ill update on my status hehe