Ps1 pcb / stick problems

i have this ps1 custom stick and one of the wires soldered to the down part on the

pcb was disconnected and when i soldered it back it on it continually presses down

when im in game. could the pcb be fried, or the micro switch has gone bad, or poor

soldering? can some one tell me maybe where to start on trying to fixing it. if

needed i can try post some pictures of the wiring.


Yea, post pics of the soldering points. That’ll help.

sry about the quality of the pictures, but all the buttons work except for the down if

that helps.

the pcb is up side down, notice the sloppy soldering here VVV is that not suppose to be touching the other golden part?

the wiring is a mess so i drew out where the ground connects

From what I can see, that’s your problem there. That other golden part is the ground for down. Clean it up so it’s not bridging the gap between the two halves.

yeah there was a lot solder so i separated it and it works yay for ting boy:woot: