PS1 port of Alpha 2

Is the PS1 port of Alpha 2 that’s on PSN pretty much arcade perfect or is it a poor port like many PS1 era Capcom fighters?

why bother when you can play the arcade version in FBA or online on GGPO?

There were a few animation cuts, but I believe quite a few game play issues were changed, though I’d be hard pressed to name a lot of examples.

One interesting thing about that version: if you both play Sakura, and I think on her stage, her jumping Strong punch will hit twice.

Credit to Ryza for noting this.

imho, i think that the A2 for PSN is kind of lame. Its way better than A2 on SNES and the A3 port on PS1, but idk if your an ardent fan, i recommend getting it some other way. if you dont really care all that much and nostalgia will drive over the bumps, then go for it