PS1/PS2 Controllers now work for PS3!

All you need is a standard PS to USB adapter

Now you can actually play 2d fighters on PS3 with an arcade stick

Cool. Saves me money for when I go to play VF5 or DR casuals. Still not spending that crazy money for a system.

yay ^___^*

+rep this guy for the info

it really works, i just tried cvs2 and it didn’t do that thing where it asks you to press the ps button. it just went straight to the playstation 2 logo.

pretty good news.

hope their is no lag.

God damnit, I JUST bought a sixaxis for the purpose of modding, and now there isn’t a need. :frowning:

Has anyone checked with wired 360 controllers/ DOA4 stick yet? Or the HRAP3/HFS3 on ps2 games?

if only this came out before that whackass jcmedia tourney

OMG this is almost the best day of my life.

First the news about the 360 SFAC compatability, then there is this about the PS3. Looks like these people are smarting up to some fighting games!

The only game that has problems still is Guitar Hero 2, but that game sucks so who cares.

Anyway I tried it out with my custom Sanwa (Dual Shock 1 PCB) via the elecom adapters, no lag from what I can tell, if there is, it’s really small and doesn’t affect gameplay. I also tried it on a Samsung 46’’ DLP HDTV through HDMI, and yeah it’s as if I was playing on a PS2 + SDTV.

BUT, the elecom I’m using has disconnected twice on me, I had to replug it in, I don’t know if it’s because of some glitch or it could be that specific adapter itself. I have three other elecoms so I’ll try those, or it could also be dust. lol

i’ve had the problem with the disconnecting controllers too using an elecom 101 with a psone dualshock based stick. happened to me after about 10 minutes of play.

also tried streetfighter ex2 and buster bros for testing psx games and they would load but my controllers psx and ps2 dualshocks could not be recognized or at least the start button didn’t work.

doa stick still gives the unknown usb device still connected.

Call it a hunch, but I think Sony may release their own brand of USB adapters in the near future with this recent FW update.

I mean they already did a PS1/2-memory card adapter. Yes, yes, yes, I know this was done for different reasons, but still it makes you think with the recent FW update.

Please test all the USB game stuff you have an report if it works with the new update.

Ugh. I cant wait to get outta work so i can DL the firmware and test my customs. Could please someone tell me this though… Would PS1 controllers work as well? Futhermore, will they work on T5DR & VF5?

I ask cause my favorite personal custom is a standard PS1 PCB, not a DS. My DS customs work with the Analog button on but maybe, just maybe, PS1 controllers will work now. Its worth a shot.

Thanks in advance…

with my elecom 101 i still have to enable analog mode to navigate the xmb and play vf5.

people please post what kind of hacked pad you used and what game
so we can make sure everything works smoothly


Please tell me its a 3rd party pad or else this confirms the answer i was looking for.

Im seriously betting that the support is identical to those converters and sticks that worked for PS3 games, and no others.

it is an official psone dualshock. sorry man, i thought it was pretty clear in my post above.

I’m glad i didn’t get rid of my PS2 controllers yet, gotta get me a USB adapter and i’m straight. :rock:


What’s the big deal?

You could use a standard USB convertor to use PS controllers on the PS3 long before this firmware update came out.

Seriously, we’ve already been doing it for months.