PS1/PS2 MAS joystick with DC support/compatibility or use a PS1/PS2-TO-DC converter?

PS1/ps2 MAS joystick with DC support/compatibility or use a PS-TO-DC converter?

I’m thinking about ordering a PS1/PS2 MAS joystick from MASSYSTEMS but i’m not sure if i should pay 35$ more to get DC support or just use a PS-TO-DC converter.
Which works best? I’m trying to avoid lag and mapping problems
I’ve heard rumors about multi-system support causing the start button to go off on its own
has this problem been corrected?

Any help will be much appreciated

I’ve heard that having this for PS only makes it compatible with almost all converters. But, that’s only true when U buy one without p360 stick. If you buy one with it, they put inside the same PCB that they use with mutlisystem stick and I know that none of ps-xbox converters works with it then (only the one they are selling, but it’s crappy as hell) :confused: But still, dc-ps are more compatible with 3rd party pcb’s so I can’t tell if it will work or not. I have my p360 mas and I will check it with some converters soon, so I’ll give I nfo about it as soon as I can.