PS1 Rares, Imports, and more

Prices, pictures, condition info (basically all mint complete with an exception or two), and possibly more games will be up ASAP

$10000 per game until updates are made. New prices will be made after conditions have been listed and pictures have been taken.

Street Fighter Plus Alpha (Import)
Street Fighter Zero (Import)
Street Fighter Zero 2 (Import)
Battle Toshinden 2 (Import)
Tekken 2 (Import)
Soul Edge (Import)
Tobal no 1 (included Final Fantasy 7 demo)
Tobal 2 (Import)
Gunner’s Heaven (Import)
Ehrgeiz (Import)
Gunbird (Import) - Atlus shooter game
Brave Fencer Musashiden (Import - and included “Square’s preview 3”)
King of Fighters 95 (Import)
Rockman 8 (Import)
Crime Crackers (Import)
Star Gladiator
Final Fantasy Tactics (Greatest Hits)
Chrono Cross (Greatest Hits)
Castlevania: Symphony of The Night (Black Label)

CAG Feedback: Demix500
Heatware: Demix500
Head-fi Feedback: Demix500

u have to post a price.

read the first sentence- the posting is incomplete atm.

a rule is still a rule you have to post a price when you first post

Nothing is for sale atm. Hold on to your panties- I will price the games accordingly after checking the condition tonight

why would u post it if you arnt selling yet…

Because the post is preliminary as stated in the first sentence of the first post of the thread. Have a habit to bother people? Its okay- I don’t mind.

Anyways- Update should come around 11pm tonight when I’m at home.

seller is an asshole obv

either post a price or dont sell

Nothing is for sale until I have everything organized. I think I ought to get a mod to close this thread /lock if possible since obviously everyone is going fucking ballistic over nothing.

No ones going crazy, its just an enforced rule here. Not posting prices will get you an infraction.

I’d rather get an infraction than get all this crap from these mini-mods. I have already contacted the mods to close this thread or sit tight for like 6 hours.

Hm Actually, everything is on sale for $10000. Hope you folks are happy

:amazed: :rofl:

you sure showed us who is boss.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Wow.

:rofl: good luck with your sales:rofl:

I was interested, until I saw what a prick the OP is.

I will price the games accordingly after checking the condition, take pictures, etc tonight as I said before. I’m currently not at home.


Closed at the request of the OP.