Will these fit in an HRAP 2? They are the new threaded version, not the old skeleton push.

I have heard the sanwa threaded don’t fit well, same thing with these?

(I did try searching btw, not much came up).

Yeah, I had these on my hrap2, the pink ones though, you might have to sand the nut next to joystick, I used homedepot metal clip. I think if you look at tingboy’s tutorial they might say something about these particular buttons working, but 100% in my case they work fine man.

That sucks.

Lizard Lick doesn’t sell the old ones anymore and shipping them from Aki is a lot more. I guess I’ll deal with it. :frowning:

Dont worry about it man, actually, its worth it and the work to get it sanded is easy as hell. I swapped mine for the normal sanwa pink buttons, but the semitsu look way better.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of sanding the button down, you could just shoot an email to chad from LL to see if he can order the Snap-ins for you.

Thats a cool idea, I’ll give that a shot.

Scratch that, they’ll fit fine…I found this and the sanding doesn’t seem to be an issue…I thought it was from the side…its actually sanded on the top which is far easier.