PS2/3 Pelican Converters/Adapters FOR SALE


I have 12 of these that I ordered SPECIFICALLY for those of you outside of the USA that are looking to obtain these adapters. We’re looking at $21 shipped anywhere in the world for each converter. Please PM me if interested in one. I accept PayPal. If you want one, and are in the USA, pricing will be comparable to GameStop/EB Games.


Prices in USA- $15 shipped for each, NEW IN PACKAGING.


pm sent :slight_smile:


PMs replied, all orders go out MOnday if payment is made by Sunday.


Some of these are still available


ill take one

sending pm


I’ll take 2
pm sent


PM replied, have not heard back, got less than 10 left.


Have around 5 left.


Vouching for the quality of these things: they work perfectly.


Same here. Works on PC really well too.


i’ll take 1 if their still available?


DHO20: Send me $21 paypal to: if you are in the UK. Make sure you put Pelican converter in the title.


ya keep that on hold i will be home at 7pm (4 hours from now) i will pay immediately.



payment sent! :smile:


3 left