PS2 -> 360 Stick Tech Questions


Changing pcb from PS2 to X360.

My goal is to mod a PS2 Tekken 5 Anniversary stick (hori) to an X360 Wireless Controller (latest revision, 2-common grounds). Thanks to SRK I have found plenty of threads that show me the basics of how to soldier buttons to a PCB, however in misc. threads I’ve read a lot about “Daisy Chaining”,“Common Grounds”, and “Quick-Disconnects”. At first, I had the simple idea of just using 2 wires per button, but now it seems a bit odd since I’ve seen some other schematics…

I need a bit of clarification on certain parts, and to identify a part.

My dad is an assembler, and I’m quite proud to say that I’ve asked him about some of these basics, but since he has never seen the schematics or the insides of the pcbs I am referring to (and I don’t have the knowledge to describe the parts I have seen). I am hoping you guys have this knowledge offhand.

  1. What is Daisy Chaining?
    From what I understand, it is possible to take one ground and ‘twist’ it around a connection to apply the ground. I’m not sure if this is what Daisy Chaining is…

Another idea is that it is taking one wire with one end from ground and connecting it to the ground of another button. In the end, you have something like this:

Ground -wire- Ground -wire- [block that holds wires].

  1. The block that 'holds wires’

There is a block on the bottom left corner of this photo that all the wires seem to stream into, and stream out of. This separates the connection from PCB -> Button, and makes quick disconnects more valid. I have no idea what this item is called in order to buy it – could someone help here?

  1. A 'Harness’
    Prepare for a butchery of the English language. My attempt at sounding professional…

A harness is something that pegs wires together into a plug, correct?

In this photo, the modder puts 4 wires and 1 ground into a plug for his JLF Sanwa Stick (I’m assuming). Now I know the Sanwa has it’s own ‘harness’ so I don’t understand what the point of putting one on the dpad connection is – isn’t the plug supposed to go from Stick to the pcb?

  1. Common Ground
    I know it’s important for dual PCB boards to use a common ground, but why is this – and why aren’t all grounds common?

  2. Quick Disconnects
    I can’t imagine these being any more useful, but I want to be sure how they work. My guess is the copper in the wire is squeezed in the metal tube, but some of them have these red covers… is there a reason for that?

I apologize for my wordiness, I have a habit of overwriting things.

Thanks for all the help!