PS2 3S Question: Is it just me or

PS2 3S Question: Is it just me or the 3S replays dont work properly?..

The 3 replays i have dont work properly, and at round three, they do some moves, and then just stand still till time runs out. What the fuck?

Has anyone one from here experienced this yet? People on other forums are having this “glitch”, and no one said anything about it yet here on SRK. Try it out. Play some matches with your friends, save them all, them watch them. Im pretty sure that some matches will “glitch” out.

Crazy thing is, i tried to reset the PS2 then watch them again, no dice. Copied the replay to another mem card, no dice.

Hopefully, someone finds a fix or what causes this.

just another ps2 3s issue (unrelated), chun’s seems to still not be arcade perfect even on the changed settings =[ feels a bit better than the dc but i cant do my usual slow ass buffer speed

the game speed is a bit faster than the arcade, so you have to be faster in hit confirms.
due to that, Chun’s cMK is a bit harder to late cancel than on arcade. Still a lot better than DC.

Stick to the topic…

There was already a topic about it in Fighting Game Discussion.

Link? If ya dont mind.