PS2 and DC version differences?

I was wondering if there are any differences between the PS2 port and DC version of SF3 3s? For some reason I can’t perform the same combo’s I see on the DC port on the PS2 port. Is there some setting I am not enabled?

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dc is terrible, there is lag on your inputs. so your timing will be fucked if you get used to playing on DC.

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I play Yun. I found juggles to be harder to do on the on the dreamcast. Hit detection also seemed a bit suspect on the DC version. If you don’t have a stick, the dreamcast controller is terrible (especially for street fighter as fierce is on the left trigger button).
As soon as a switched to the PS2, juggles became a lot easier to do. I’m not sure this is because of laggy input on DC as sexshih said, or that the gamespeed isn’t quite right, or perhaps both.

So PS2 :tup:

DC :tdown:

Humcast, have you played the PS2 version?

For some reason the control works better for me in DC with a converter and a PS2 Contorler, then for the PS2 itself? Inputs and regular attacks?

DC pad > Saturn > PS2

button configuration?

The d-pad on the DC isn’t bad, but I’m liking the PS2 more in general. Moves are easier to execute because of the segmented d-pad of the ps2. The segmented d-pad also makes super jumping a little bit harder than to do. The DC trigger buttons are just bad for fighting games. I don’t see what button config has to do with this. Whatever attack you have assigned on that left trigger, you are going to have to deal with a pressure sensitive button with a lot of play in it. Besides that, I don’t really like doing qcf/dp, charge, hcf, etc. motions on my left hand while pressing the left trigger.

Even if you have a stick, I still had problems with the DC version. It seemed like the aspect ratio wasn’t quite right causing the edges of the screen to warp. When it comes down to it, I have both consoles sitting right next to me, and when its time to play, I choose the PS2 version.

A lot of people here are saying “such and such is > than this” with out backing it up…

Did I mention that the DC controller has a relatively short cord coming out of the bottom of controller and that the controller itself is bulky?